Maintaining Your Video Conferencing Solution

This is the third part of our blog series on reducing the cost of video conferencing without reducing the quality. Read part one on before and after cloud, or part two on adoption by clicking on the links.

If you have aging video conferencing technology in your business, then you are likely looking at, or more likely trying to put off looking at, the issues around upgrading or replacing. Without any doubt the phrase ‘end of life’ is a dreaded one for any IT Director or Manager. Start the flashing pound signs.

It normally means looking for budget, headaches in trying to get deals and often going out to tender. As part of the process, thoughts on considering whether the new technology will be compatible with the current will have to take place. Will a new platform work with current employee devices? Will the rooms still work? Will further technology have to be replaced? Who will carry out all the work? And, how much downtime and disruption will be caused? Basically, a lot of work is suddenly imagined with a lot of headaches and stress following.

What if there was a way of simplifying the whole process? Now don’t get me wrong neither Videocall nor Polycom can just conjure up a way of preventing the current platforms from going end of life, but we can ease the process; reduce the complications and headaches; maintain old technology in rooms and personal video enabled devices; and IMPROVE on the overall service whilst lowering the ROI. 

Something-as-a-Service. Everyone is talking about it, and you are likely getting fed up of reading about all the various propositions. The UK is moving to a service based nation, and as such there does appear to be a service for pretty much everything. It is however fairly new in the video conferencing arena and when combined with the cloud (that other phrase being heavily overused), it will simplify and likely improve your current overall service. No really, it will.

Videocall is a manged service provider in the video conferencing sector. In fact we are very proud to be the only one 100% focused on video conferencing and collaboration. We have defined our space in the market as THE company that can deliver customer success through being agile, flexible and connected in this sector. Just take a look at some of our customers.

Back to the point in hand though. We know that there are a lot of enterprise sized companies that are currently facing the dilemma of old conferencing technology, and we have the solution for you. Either you can splash out on new versions of the same equipment, or you can talk to us about our managed services, including ICE (Intelligent Cloud Experience). ICE will connect all of your current video devices regardless of the brand. It will let you conference through Skype for Business, and book meetings through Outlook. Our end-to-end service approach will give you a tiered approach to conferencing and deliver your ROI sooner. And most importantly – It won’t cost you the earth to have a better service.    

We pride ourselves on delivering customer success through listening, learning and understanding customer challenges. We then work with them to get to that next checkpoint, with one eye always fixed on further ahead. 

If you want to find out more about how you can reduce the cost of your video conferencing without reducing the quality then read our whitepaper or leave a comment below.