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Video conferencing BYOD

Achieve the maximum return on investment by letting Videocall`s OUTREACH service provide full lifecycle management of your telepresence and video conferencing infrastructure.

We have talked a lot recently about the growing trends of remote working, telecommuting and Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD). 38% of companies will stop providing devices to their employees by 2016 and 50% will demand their employees to bring their own devices to work by 2017.

As a result of this we are seeing a rapid increase in the use of video conferencing as a communications tool, and it is predicted that by 2017 video will be the preferred method of collaboration in the workplace, ahead of email and phone. More and more companies are taking steps to implement solutions to meet these growing demands and adapt to the changing work environment.

Many organisations understand the benefits of running telepresence and video conferencing systems to allow their employees to communicate face to face with their colleagues, suppliers, partners and customers across the world from any location and on any device. When deploying these distributed solutions organisations need to ensure that the solution will work first-time, on-time, every-time.

Videocall`s OUTREACH service manages video platforms through a mixture of real time system monitoring, configuration management and streamlined fault detection, combined with real-time support from Videocall’s service desk team. It essentially provides a full lifecycle management, remote, proactive monitoring and support service.

Whatever hardware, software, network or video conferencing system you use, our OUTREACH service can provide both pro-active and reactive support for your users, with an aim to optimising quality and uptime for companies who operate business-critical video conferences.

Also included in the OUTREACH portfolio is real time endpoint monitoring and configuration management - minimising endpoint down-time while ensuring the corporate global address book is always up-to-date.

When deploying a telepresence or video conferencing solution, businesses want peace of mind that it is always going to work. Videocall`s OUTREACH solution is designed to allow customers to focus on their core business, confident that their investment in Videocall`s best-in-class solutions will be there to support their business when needed.

Videocall`s OUTREACH services form the third layer of Videocall`s Global Managed Services portfolio. Layer one - end user support provides equipment procurement, installation services, and helpdesk and support services. Layer two - real time meeting environment management services provides Videocall`s telepresence and videoconference management services.

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With the increase of BYOD in the workplace, organisations will have to take steps to ensure they are properly equipped to deal with the influx of different devices and the shift in the way of working. Click here to download our whitepaper which looks at the issues around BYOD and how organisations can overcome these challenges to enable a more productive and efficient workforce, while simultaneously saving costs and driving ROI.

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