Millennials, A Key Driver in Changing the Office

You may have seen our recent article on the Generation Game Pt 2. A rebuttal at comments made by The Guardian newspaper on various younger generations. Whatever your take on ‘the generations’ and whether you believe in them or not, the fact is that by labelling people born from 1980 through to the mid-1990s as Millennials, we seemingly owe them thanks for the digital revolution taking place.

To quote Frost & Sullivan: Millennials are more concerned with flexibility in work style in contrast to previous generations.

Today’s worker (Millennial or otherwise), doesn’t want to be sat behind a desk for their whole working week looking at the same wall, the same person or the same view. We also wrote an article on the death of the open plan office as predicted by Harvard; but is it open plan offices that are dying or offices overall?

In our hyper-connected world where we want to work from anywhere, and where we often have to be connected much more than the traditional 9-5 working hours; having to do that from the same place everyday is simply no longer appealing. Flexibility afforded to us by technology means that employees can work on trains, in coffee shops, at home, at a client’s office, from the gym, in a park; basically, wherever there is signal and wherever you are comfortable.

Of course, this results in two things:

1.      The collaboration and intelligent communication tools need to be available for users. Whether that is audio, video, instant or persistent chat, file sharing, real time annotation, group messaging, whiteboards or anything else. These are the tools that we are starting to favour. They allow us to communicate easily and collaborate better

2.      Pressure on the company to deliver this easy to use service, that also must be reliable and secure no matter where it is being used


In our latest eBook we look at many of the other factors that are also impacting the hyper-connected business world, and address findings from Deloitte as to the changes in business models and behaviour. Businesses must adapt to survive has never been more poignant.

Thankfully, Videocall have over 20 years experience in collaboration and intelligent communication. We have been helping service owners to adapt and deliver flexible solutions to their businesses, resulting in successful outcomes for themselves.

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