MyPresence - Low Bandwidth HD Video Conferencing on any Device


Videocall’s MyPresence video conferencing solution provides HD, secure video conferencing on any device, even on low bandwidth connections. 

It’s especially suited to companies with a large and often mobile workforce who want a good quality, low cost yet reliable video conferencing solution that demands neither specialist hardware nor a high bandwidth network.

  • Works across iPhones, Androids, tablets, desktops and meeting room systems
  • Simple software download for each user. No hardware to purchase
  • Each person gets a link to their own virtual meeting room

Simply send the link to other meeting attendees, then each person clicks the link to join.

  • Content sharing (documents, presentations)
  • Up to 20 participants in any meeting (more than that by arrangement)
  • Option to record meetings
  • Audio at local rates in 55 countries

Videocall’s MyPresence is often recommended for companies who need to roll out HD video quickly across the globe. There are no hardware or bandwidth issues to worry about, and no software needed for guests to participate.

Some examples from existing customers:

  • Recruitment firms wanting to record their initial candidate interviews to be used along with CVs in employers sifting processes
  • Mortgage advisers arranging simple, but high quality video calls to clients whilst they are at home
  • Health firms carrying out remote consultations with patients

In all cases, they are looking for

  • Easy guest access to a secure virtual meeting room – no software downloads
  • Unlimited guest access within their license fee – no software to distribute, no licence limitations
  • Recorded meetings to refer back to later
  • High quality video and audio – to reflect their own professionalism