New Polycom Pano supports Miracast and Apple Airplay for Wireless Content Sharing

Polycom® have launched ‘Pano™’ a device for wireless, ‘no touch’ content sharing in video conferencing rooms. It will:

  • Allow for no touch content sharing on entering a meeting room by using Miracast® and Airplay® technology
  • Removes the wasted time in having to swap cables or use USB sharing devices as alternative people share content
  • Allow for up to four people to simultaneously share content at once
  • Removes the chance of small USB content sharing devices from going missing
  • Allows content to be shared from any PC, Tablet or Phone
  • Convert most HD monitors into a collaborative space

Using latest technology from Microsoft and Apple, Polycom have created a device that will make sharing content within a meeting easier than ever before. There will be no more need to wait whilst wires are swapped about, or people search for USB devices to connect via Bluetooth plug in devices.

Using both Miracast and Airplay, users simply swipe to say they want to share content with the Pano device and enter the security pin shown on the screen. Content is immediately then shown on the screen from laptops and mobile devices. The Polycom Pano can support up to four people showing content simultaneously as well, so co-workers can compare content.

Other impressive features that the Pano offers include:

  • Connect to non-touch displays for immediate return on your investment
  • See every detail in crystal clear 4K60 fps, RGB: 4:4:4 resolution and colour depth
  • Leverage existing investments in Group Series by simply connecting and paring with Pano
  • Get fully interactive collaboration by simply connecting Polycom Pano to optional touch-capable displays with a USB cable 
  • Experience intuitive multi-touch interface for adjusting layout, zoom, and pan images or even live video
  • Annotate over content, brainstorm with the infinite whiteboard, and save from your Pan App

As a Polycom Alliance Partner, Videocall can help you with all your Polycom collaboration requirements.

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