Operate - Drawing up your definition of a successful video conferencing managed service

In this series of blogs we are looking  at Videocall’s managed services offering. We focus on the importance of TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), ROI (Return On Investment) and QoE (Quality of Experience), and consider why when drawing up your definition of success you should consider our four key stages.

They are:

  • Discover
  • Implement
  • Operate
  • Benefits Realisation

If you missed the second or third blogs in the series which talk about discover and Implement, you can read them here for discover or here for implement. If you would prefer to go straight to reading our more in depth eBook, then simply follow this link.

Working through each of these stages, you are ensuring video conferencing’s place in the middle of your communications strategy and giving you a unified solution within your business.

Each of these four key areas needs to be considered not only at the start of your managed service journey, but if you are to realise and build on the benefits, they must be continuously monitored.

In this blog, we are going to focus on the third of the four key stages.


Don’t be fooled that when the video conferencing technology has all been installed and is up and running, that the journey is now over. This is a trap that many companies fall into, mainly because suppliers have installed the kit and then walk away.

At Videocall we believe it is at this point where the journey really begins. Whilst companies love to try and predict where they might be in the next year, three years or five years; changes in circumstance and technology often sees even the best laid plans evolve. This is why we actively monitor and produce analytical results based on usage and report these back to you.

You can monitor how close you are to any limits, and whether you might need to increase them.You can also record how video conferencing up-take is progressing with reports that include but are not limited to:

  • ICE Super Port peak and daily usage
  • Monthly details of managed conference numbers and duration
  • Details of third party and point to point conferences
  • Service incident and problem management dashboard reporting
  • Ratio of conferences to reported service incidents  
  • Site connection details

All our analytical and statistical reports show trend details or comparisons with previous reporting periods to provide additional information about the development of the video conferencing service.

Our managed service is SLA driven with tiered options to suit every level of support required. Access to our Service Desk is available 24/7/365.

We also offer OUTREACH, which is one of our core managed service offerings. It is a remote infrastructure and diagnostic add-on that anticipates, identifies and resolves real-time network and hardware issues.  

In our next blog we will move on to discuss the final stage in our circular journey, benefits realisation. If you would like to find out more now, please read the accompanying eBook or visit our managed services page.

If you would prefer to start a conversation around the benefits and experience that Videocall can bring to your communication strategy, then email information@videocall.co.uk or call us on +44 (0)1276 706 706