Polycom Announce 6 Innovative New Video Conferencing Products

To celebrate their 25th year of innovation and leadership, last week Polycom announced the release of six innovative new video collaboration experiences. These new products will transform communication and uniquely place people at the heart of collaboration, enabling them to work better, smarter, and more efficiently. Polycom are taking video conferencing and collaboration in an exciting new direction, with an aim to “delivering the workplace of the future today.”

RealPresence Trio


Polycom’s RealPresence Trio is the first smart hub for group collaboration that transforms the traditional conference phone into a voice, content sharing and video system.

The device delivers:

  • Video conferencing
  • High quality audio conferencing
  • Content sharing, including wireless presentation (for mobile devices)

Trio, with its 5-inch colour touch screen, is a next generation conference phone delivering high quality sound combined with Polycom noise blocking technology, interoperability across multiple unified communications platforms (including Microsoft Skype for Business), and one-touch integration with calendars.

Trio enables content sharing from mobile devices, and high definition video conferencing via a webcam along with pairing to mobile devices or laptops for content sharing.

Trio is likely to be Polycom’s go-to product for the enterprise huddle room space, small offices, and the remote worker community.

RealPresence Centro


Polycom RealPresence Centro puts people at the centre of collaboration. The device was built with instinctual human behaviour in mind - people naturally feel more comfortable communicating and collaborating around a table.

The system sits in the centre of the room and provides 360-degree voice and video capture, using Polycom`s patented voice and video technology to automatically track the speaker. The integrated tracking and proximity sensors work together to “learn” what’s happening in the room and provide an optimised experience for all participants.

RealPresence Centro puts those on the far end of the call in the middle of the conversation enabling deeper engagement, quicker decisions and better outcomes.  The intuitive touch screens make it simple to get a meeting started on time every time. The RealPresence Centro solution also offers wireless pairing with many devices, and has unique built-in proximity sensors to enable responsive and intelligent interaction.

RealPresence Debut


RealPresence Debut is an all-in one, set-top box incorporating Polycom’s audio and microphone technology and a 1080p camera with 2x digital zoom. 

RealPresence Debut enables high quality visual collaboration for meeting room environments on any scale, as well as for small or medium sized businesses with limited IT resources.  Debut takes just minutes to set up and the simple user interface makes it easy for anyone to start and manage a call.

The all-in-one design incorporates Polycom`s first-rate audio quality including Polycom® NoiseBlock™ technology, and a pan, tilt and zoom camera with HD video for an unmatched collaboration experience.  RealPresence Debut is cloud ready and can easily connect into Polycom`s RealPresence Cloud services to ensure organisations of all sizes may purchase and deploy it easily and effectively with no IT support needed.

RealPresence Medialign


RealPresence Medialign is a packaged unified communications solution enabling consistent collaboration across organisations without the need to alter the meeting room in any way.

RealPresence Medialign featuring Polycom`s industry-leading and patented voice, content-sharing and video technology. RealPresence Medialign technology can be quickly assembled and installed without tools and interoperates with a wide array of unified communications platforms in the market. RealPresence Medialign features unique NoiseBlock technology, Polycom Acoustic Fence audio technology and Polycom EagleEye Producer and Polycom EagleEye Director camera technology that provide an unmatched experience.

RealPresence Touch is a new touch user interface. Touch is included with the new Medialign product, and also can be used with Polycom’s RealPresence Group systems, and OTX and Immersive Studio telepresence offerings.









RealPresence Concierge is an enterprise software package that allows users to control Polycom solutions from their laptops and mobile devices over a wireless connection. The software also allows users to share content from their devices, and to see content shared by others.

Polycom’s are constantly transforming the way we communicate and these product announcements are the next step in shaping the workplace of the future. Learn more about modernising your workplace from our whitepaper - download here.