Polycom RealConnect for Office365

Coming this quarter in the EMEA region (already launched in the US), is Polycom’s RealConnect for Microsoft Office365. But, what is it? And why do we think it’s great?

Put simply, RealConnect for Office365 solves the challenge of connecting different video conferencing technologies with Microsoft Skype for Business Online.

It gives the users the choice of how they want to connect into a meeting; it avoids the need to change workflow which frustrates and annoys many of us; it also allows the simplicity of features such as one touch dial, or single click to join, removing the need for dial strings and writing down numbers on notepads.

As a service, it allows businesses to keep their existing traditional technology which may be on-premises, and connect it to Skype for Business Online, which of course is hosted in the cloud. There is no need to replace existing endpoints with new Microsoft endpoints or even new Polycom endpoints, as all H.323 and SIP devices can cascade from the MCU’s to the Skype AVMCU hosted in the Azure cloud. Previous investment in endpoint technology can therefore be continued to be used, without the need for a rip and replace strategy. 

As meetings often depend on collaboration and ideation, RealConnect for Office365 allows bi-directional sharing of content, allowing all those present via video to view, discuss and annotate together.

One final advantage of Polycom’s RealConnect for Office365, is that it makes collaboration with third parties and clients easier by removing the complications of knowing whether your services are compatible or not. This should relieve time and pressure from the IT team.

Videocall offer an added value service to RealConnect for Office365. We have taken all the great things that Polycom and Microsoft have created, and added our core values to the service making it even more suitable for enterprise businesses. In the upcoming blog series you will be able to find out much more about Skype VTC Interoperability powered by ICE, and how it can work for your business.  

If you would prefer to talk to one of our experts now about how we can help, then conatct us on +44 (0)1276 706 706 or email information@videocall.co.uk. Or, find out more about our ICE service from the videocall website.