Private Cloud for Enterprise Business Collaboration

In this series of blogs, we are looking at the advantages, business benefits and business outcomes of enterprise’s migrating to the collaboration cloud; and in particular, why so many companies are partnering with Videocall in this journey.

In previous blogs we have so far covered off why the collaboration cloud should be considered the same as any other IT cloud, which you can read here; and, looked at why Simmons & Simmons, Fujitsu and ITE Group all chose to move to Videocall’s public cloud. You can read about the public cloud here.

In this article we are going to be focussing on the business benefits that companies look to achieve by moving their collaboration services to a private cloud. It will talk briefly about our ICE, Video-as-a-Service platform, and the reason that enterprise companies are coming to Videocall to talk about cloud strategy and migrate their collaboration services to the cloud.

What is the definition of a private cloud? For a detailed view please read our definitions on types of cloud here.

For companies looking at private cloud there are many advantages on top of the agility, scalability and efficiency that are achieved similarly to hosting your collaboration service in a public cloud. A private cloud also provides greater levels of security and control which is often sought after by larger enterprise businesses that have sensitive data, or prefer the thought of everything being behind their own firewalls. Companies can achieve as high a standard of collaboration service using a private or a public cloud.

So how can companies link their collaboration strategy with a move to a private cloud? Videocall have built ICE (Intelligent Cloud Experience), a Video-as-a-Service intelligent collaboration platform as the video conferencing backbone for companies making their migration to the cloud. In conjunction with ICE, companies can rely on Videocall for delivering the highest-level SLA and a tiered service customised to every individual company’s specific requirements. 

Videocall’s ICE platform can be deployed in a private cloud as it can in a public or hybrid environment, and we have had many companies start their conversation with the plan to deploy their collaboration service on a private cloud. We have found however that during the research and conversations, so far, most of the companies we have spoken with have ended up deploying ICE on a public cloud as the business outcomes have been met, and the benefits for each company outweighed the requirement for a private cloud. Now, don’t get this article wrong, we still see that for many companies the requirement for a private collaboration cloud will be the perfect option and a journey that we will complete with many companies. However, we are always keen to explore all options with companies to ensure the best decision is made.

Britvic came to Videocall looking for a solution that would simultaneously leverage and retain the use of their existing traditional room based end points, whilst enabling the use of mobile devices globally. Through detailed conversations and rigorous research, it was deemed that a cloud service would offer Britvic all the capabilities they were looking for. After looking at all the options, Britvic decided that the public cloud met all their requirements.

Peter Jackson – Solution Leader

“Video conferencing is an important productivity tool for Britvic.  Some years ago, we invested in state-of-the-art room-based video technology, because we could see what an impact this had on our ability to manage and grow globally.  But as we continued to expand, adding dedicated lines to each and every location would not have been cost effective. 

Videocall offered a comprehensive approach to our issues. They helped to implement enabling software and services and now Videocall support and maintain our ICE video communications across the globe.”

Click to read the rest of the Britvic case study.

Videocall support companies with their migration to the cloud, whether that be private, public or hybrid. The benefits that these companies see from their collaboration service being delivered from the cloud by Videocall has meant that the majority of customer we take on, stay with us for a long number of years.

If your company is thinking cloud, or even if they are not, isn’t it time that you talked to Videocall about your collaboration strategy and how it can be optimised to deliver your business outcomes. Use our contact form, email us at or call us on +44 (0)1276 706 706 to start your conversation today.