Skype VTC Interoperability – One Touch Dial and Content Sharing

Continuing our blog series on our Microsoft Skype for Business VTC Interoperability service we are going to look at important user features including one touch dial and content sharing.

If you want to catch up on any of the other blogs in the series so far then you can read more about Polycom’s RealConnect for Office365 solutionworking with a single partnerensuring you have a 99.9% SLA;  how Videocall’s Super Ports can reduce your user costs or being free from limitations on the amount of rooms connected in a single meeting.

Ease of use and simple functionality, two critical factors to whether a service will be adopted or ignored by employees. If something is overly complicated in scheduling or joining a meeting, the chances are, people will stop using it and look for an alternative.

Videocall’s Skype VTC Interoperability service offers one touch dial, allowing people to arrive in meetings with a single click without having to change their normal workflows. This is the easiest way to arrive in a meeting whether you are using Skype for Business or a traditional SIP or H.323 device.

Videocall have expanded one touch dial. This feature available in both cloud and hybrid deployments of the service as well as on-premises. With alternative solutions from other providers requiring installation on-premises to work, there is no alternative option around cloud or hybrid. We feel that if you are deploying Microsoft Office365, a cloud solution, then you will likely be thinking and looking for cloud or hybrid solution to support and compliment that deployment.

One touch dial removes the need for manual entry of numbers or having to remember dial strings. Simply click to join now from your email invite, from the touch pad or use the remote. It is that easy.

What about content sharing though?

Video conferencing was designed to improve the collaboration of people, saving time whilst increasing face-to-face connections. An important part of presenting, brainstorming or ideation within meetings is being able to share content on screen for everyone to see. If it can’t be done, then those that cannot see might as well not be there as they can’t truly be involved in real time.

Videocall’s Skype VTC Interoperability service allows content to be shared from any video enabled device, and displayed on any video enabled device. What’s more, the content is shown in the correct space on each device allowing it to be read easily.

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