Skype VTC Interoperability – Reduce your costs by 65%

In our continuing series on Microsoft Skype for Business Online, seamless interoperability, and Videocall’s offering in this space, we want to touch on one factor of the commercials, ‘Super Ports’, and how this offering can enhance the service for your company.

If we simply said that by using our Skype VTC Interoperability service you could save money through port concurrency, you would assume there was a catch. It’s not a catch …. its Super Ports.

Our introduction of Super Ports earlier this year has meant that we no longer have a model that charges one concurrent licence per user or per device. We have changed the pricing structure to be fairer to the end user, and to allow companies to get more benefit from their Microsoft licences.

If you have a large number of Microsoft Skype for Business users that all want to collaborate using video, then there will be no need to panic about concurrency or endpoint replacement at the mention of them all connecting at once to a traditional endpoint in a room. For example, if 10 Skype for Business users connect to a room and a H.323 or SIP traditional endpoint at once, instead of them requiring a minimum of 10 concurrent connections as they would in other service offerings, they would need just 3.5 Super Ports using Videocall’s Skype VTC Interoperability service.

Before you ask, Super Ports don’t cost any more than a traditional port would. We’ve made them super at no additional cost.

With our Skype VTC Interoperability service we have created the ability for Microsoft Skype for Business users to collaborate with people using traditional endpoints, be that Cisco, Polycom, BlueJeans or any other H.323 or SIP video enabled device. The Skype users retain their scheduling and joining workflows as well as the layout that they are familiar with. Features such as single click to join are available alongside booking meetings through Microsoft Outlook, for easy self-scheduling.

The addition of Videocall’s Super Ports, means that service owners can make the most of the Office365 licenses, including the video enablement, which will increase video adoption naturally. It also means that the investment already made in room based endpoints can continue. There is no need to ‘rip and replace’ with Skype for Business endpoints. This way, the high quality audio and video that H.323 and SIP provide can remain.

For more information about how Super Ports can lower your Microsoft Skype for Business collaboration costs, or how Videocall’s Skype VTC Interoperability service can seamlessly link your Microsoft Skype for Business users to traditional room systems, contact us on +44 (0)1276 706 706 or email