Skype VTC Interoperability – The importance of an SLA driven service

Reliability in your communication service is critical. All service owners dread that moment that the CEO’s important client meeting won’t work because of a technical error or broken piece of kit.

If you are looking for a service that links your Microsoft Skype for Business users that are hosted in the Microsoft Office365 cloud to your traditional H.323 or SIP endpoints that are on-premises or in another cloud service, then Videocall’s Skype VTC Interoperability service could well be the perfect choice. There are plenty of companies offering Skype for Business interoperability, but not many them of them have enhanced the service with an SLA.

In our second blog in the series we look at Service Level Agreements and what they mean to companies; the simple trust they can offer that the service will work when it’s required to, especially at the point of having a business critical meeting.

We find it hard to believe that some companies have only just been able to start offering a 99.9% SLA, or simply can’t offer one at all, with their services providing a ‘best endeavours’ on reliability instead. Videocall are proud to say that we have been offering our guaranteed 99.9% SLA since 2012 when our ICE platform was launched.

Because our Skype VTC Interoperability service is powered by ICE, that same 99.9% SLA is applicable, and therefore you can expect your service to work when you need it.

One of the many reasons that companies are turning to Microsoft for their collaboration needs is that Skype and Skype for Business have quickly become a part of both the business and personal life of a large number of people. Using Skype for Business is already part of their day to day workflow, and as it comes with Office365, the logical thought is that a large proportion of most companies will naturally start to use it.

What that of course means is that the number of video enabled meetings between Skype for Business and traditional endpoints may grow exponentially, leading potentially to more issues. In this situation having the SLA should give plenty of assurances.

Combine our SLA with the fact that we can be the only partner you need to deliver the service; you can read more about that in our single partner blog; and you can be guaranteed to receive the highest quality, most reliable Skype for Business interoperability service that is available. Make the most of your Microsoft licencing and the investment already made in video conferencing endpoints. Make them interoperable for all users, wherever, whenever. 

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