Skype VTC Interoperability – The Introduction to Video as a Service

In the final blog in our series on Microsoft Skype for Business interoperability we are going to look at how using Videocall’s Skype VTC Interoperability service is an introduction to Video as a Service (VaaS), and what the benefits of using VaaS might mean for your company.

If you want to catch up on any of the other blogs in the series so far then you can read more about Polycom’s RealConnect for Office365 solutionworking with a single partnerensuring you have a 99.9% SLA;  how Videocall’s Super Ports can reduce your user costs, being free from limitations on the amount of rooms connected in a single meeting or one touch dial and content sharing.

You are looking to deploy a service that will allow seamless interoperability between Microsoft Skype for Business delivered from Office365, and SIP and H.323 based room systems. The ability to maintain user workflows, and take advantage of the benefits that both Skype for Business and traditional room systems offer, has been a key driver to companies using Microsoft as part of their communications strategy.

Microsoft Office365 is of course deployed and delivered from the cloud. This change in how Microsoft delivers its core business applications has allowed companies to think more about the cloud across all technology and move to an OpEx way of investing in technology. Skype for Business is one of the applications that is included with Office365, and it is rapidly being deployed globally by companies to enhance communication strategies with instant message, voice and video collaboration.

We have found that linking Skype for Business with traditional room systems often leads to companies experiencing an exponential growth across their collaboration platforms, and leads to further questions about the service they need.

What you are essentially getting by deploying a Skype for Business interoperability service, is a basic video as a service (VaaS) offering. Videocall’s Skype VTC Interoperability service is powered by our ICE VaaS service. A secure, high quality, reliable enhanced communications platform allowing enterprise businesses to schedule meetings or hold them ad-hoc via any video enabled device.

Using ICE, you can leverage the power of the cloud to easily manage and access all your unified collaboration estate knowing that you are getting the enterprise functionality that you would expect on-premises.  ICE can also be deployed on-premises or as a hybrid to suit your requirements.

With companies such as, Britvic, Clarks and Fujitsu using our ICE VaaS platform alongside Microsoft Skype for Business deployments, we have proven that it is a strategy that is helping many enterprise companies with their collaboration challenges.

Whether you are looking for cloud, hybrid or on-premises deployment collaboration solutions, and whether you are looking at Microsoft Office365, Skype for Business, Polycom or Cisco solutions, Videocall can help. To start your collaboration conversation call us on +44 (0)1276 706706 or email