Stratify Your Video Conferencing Service to Suit Your User Needs with Tiered Managed Conferencing

Imagine walking into your video enabled boardroom to find the screens buzzing with activity; your meeting attendees are already connected and the quality of the audio and video has been optimised. You sit down, see to the business at hand, thank your associates for their time and leave the room. You didn’t have to touch a remote, tap an onscreen keypad or fathom any volume controls. And neither did your colleagues. A no touch, white glove, concierge conference.

Sounds amazing - but could you really justify that for your entire enterprise? The bulk of your user communities are perfectly capable of connecting themselves for video collaboration – they may even use a desktop service such as Skype for Business or Skype Online.
But, like many enterprises, you probably have a sub set of users for whom time is short, precious, and most definitely expensive.
So how about you allow just those users access to the no touch service. You’d relieve both theirs and their support staff’s schedule by creating fully managed, always available conferencing capabilities.

It’s not all or nothing though – there are service levels to suit each and every set of user communities found in any enterprise. And Videocall can provide you with service excellence on each and every level.

In the fifth blog of the series talking to our industry experts here at Videocall, we speak with the head of vNOC (virtual network operations centre) services about what makes our vNOC the best and how we achieve customer success through a tiered service approach.

Q. For those unfamiliar with managed conferencing - how would you describe the Videocall vNOC?

A team of certified, customer focused conferencing specialists who are available 24/7/365 to facilitate real time meeting management on a global scale. We support conferences to ensure they start on time, they are of the correct quality and that if any issues occur during the conference they are addressed. We offer a tiered scale of support from self-service to concierge - the scales of service are fluid and can be utilised by whichever set of end users are deemed appropriate.

Q. How does your vNOC differ to others?

Our ‘always present’ attitude to all of our conferences. Regardless of the level of management you have chosen for your conferences we are always available to you throughout the call. Our professionals are available 24/7/365 and offer a personal and approachable service. This friendly hands-on attitude isn’t an industry standard – but it’s our standard, and it’s how we make sure your video conferences are always a success.

Q. Can a customer utilise the vNOC services with their existing conferencing estate?

Yes. We will certify any audio and video conferencing suite you need to connect to so we can make sure the hardware and software are compatible. We will do this for both your in-house rooms and any external sites you may need to connect with. And, if you use our EAGLE service management platform to book your conferences we can add all of your rooms, and users, to the global directory.

Q. How much notice does a customer need to give to schedule a conference?

We work within set SLA’s for onsite and external calls that allow us time to perform certification. We understand that sometimes you need to react more instantly so we work to a best endeavour policy for short notice conference requests.

Q. How can a customer expect to measure ROI from the vNOC service?

Using the vNOC for managed conferencing will remove cost from your service in a number of ways; giving your premium users access to no touch conferencing will strip back time and expenditure wasted on travel, organisation and conference connection. Plus, regardless of which level of service you choose your in-house IT services will regain the time spent supporting it, freeing them to be focused on their own task set. And because you can choose who utilises which level of conference management you can be sure you aren’t paying for an unnecessary service.

Q. What are the varying managed conference service levels?

We offer four levels of conference management which escalate from a self-service booking where we will connect participants and be hands-off unless an issue occurs, through to the concierge service where we will introduce your attendees and remain in the call acting as a host. There are various service options to have audio and video monitored and adjusted in real time, as well as network connections.
Regardless of which services you chose for your enterprise, the vNOC professionals are always on hand to support our managed conference customers in conducting successful and valuable collaboration with internal and external customers.

Q. What security measures are taken to keep customers compliant and safe?

We offer the highest degrees of both physical and logical security, underpinned by our ISO 27001 accreditation. Our buildings and systems are monitored and protected to the highest level. The vNOC operate from a Tier 4 standard, purpose built environment - and due to the nature of the conferences we host, security is of paramount importance.

Videocall can deploy a fully managed conference service that is truly fit for purpose no matter who in your user community is utilising it. With customer focused and accredited professionals available 24/7/365 you can reply on us to be your trusted service provider, adding value and removing stress from your collaboration strategy.

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