Supply Chain Management: Impact on Video Communications Strategy

Supply chain management- impact on video communications strategy

Businesses with global supply chains are increasingly using video collaboration for quality control, design, prototyping and other practical applications.  In short, in the manufacturing world, video long since moved beyond the boardroom.

To expand the use of video into the production line, into the design studio or out to remote workers demands a new strategy for many businesses: a strategy that facilitates seamless communication between room-based systems, mobile devices and desktops.

Added to that, many businesses are keen to adopt Skype for Business as a standard to connect with conference rooms as well as people.

We’ve helped businesses like Clarks and Britvic to create a new unified communications strategy, implement new solutions and reap the benefits of expanded use of video communications throughout their own business operations and beyond to their supply chain partners.

Our whitepaper focuses on some of the communication challenges facing the manufacturing sector and discusses how organisations round the world employ unified communications and remote collaboration solutions to solve their problems.

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