The benefits of a fully managed collaboration platform

Collaboration within enterprise businesses, is a service that is business critical if companies want their employees to be efficient, productive and making the most from their time. Whilst there may be many options on how businesses may choose to collaborate, ensuring that the service is a great fit for the varying styles, uses and applications that employees may want to achieve when using it is key.

A good collaboration solution should provide you with a feature rich and truly smart platform that is fully managed, automated and intelligently delivered to ensure video collaboration performs as expected across the enterprise and beyond.

Videocall’s collaboration offering comes in the form of ICE, our intelligent cloud experience, that can be deployed on-premises, in the cloud or as a hybrid solution.

What makes ICE the ultimate solution for enterprise companies?

Videocall, and ICE offer something that is much more than simply ordering and installing hardware or choosing a collaboration service to deploy across the company. A service that has been built to deliver value to its users through a number of benefits to both the organisation and users:

  • Best in class service delivery
  • Single point of ownership
  • Measurable performance
  • A partner devoted to continuously improve and singularly focused on collaboration
  • Economies of scale
  • Seamless transition across networks and enterprises
  • Minimal call in internal resources
  • Focus on the quality of experience for highest value to user


Eliminate Complexity with Polycom-Powered Collaboration in the Cloud - Read the whitepaper here

The Videocall managed service is tailored to every enterprise’s unique requirements to ensure maximum adoption, engagement and ROI is achieved. Driven by the user experience, Videocall’s managed service transforms video conferencing systems from point-to-point communication devices to a fully managed collaboration solution that’s fully integrated with the enterprise IT strategy. 

If you want to read more around this subject then download our whitepaper: Eliminate Complexity with Polycom-Powered Collaboration in the Cloud by clicking on the link. You can also read back across the other blogs in the series where we have written about eliminating complexity in the cloud, using the cloud to power your collaboration, Videocall’s Polycom-Powered ICE platform and its enterprise level functionality and the top considerations when migrating to the cloud. Click on the links if you have missed any of them.

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