The Brexit Effect on Enterprise Collaboration

Without getting in too deep about Brexit; voting to stay or leave; hard, soft or something in between; there are some important implications for enterprise companies about whether they will need to have an office in mainland Europe when our exit does take place.

Many companies are likely to already have offices in multiple locations and may be looking to expand sites and increase the numbers of staff, the functionality or the importance of the office. For other businesses, this may be the first consideration of opening overseas offices knowing that trade with Europe can continue as close to normal.

One of the pressures of having multiple offices is to ensure that the services provided remain fit for purpose – a high quality, reliable and secure service, no matter the location.

A challenge for any service provider is to make sure that communication and in particular, meetings, still run efficiently and securely across borders and time zones. From coming up with new ideas at one end of the scale, through to the CEO’s boardroom sessions at the other. Meetings are an everyday occurrence for any company, for example: Creating go to market strategies, directing the company or deciding future investment plans. 

Video conferencing is at the backbone of an ever increasing number of enterprise meetings allowing communication to flow from office to office, and people to arrive in a meeting from any location using any video enabled device. Time differences can be nullified by the ability to work from home or a coffee shop, and employees can connect via Skype for Business securely, which may suit out of office workers better.

The shift in mind-set from you must be sat at your desk between morning and evening to prove you are working, to flexibility around hours and trusting staff to complete work on time allows for meetings across time zones.

We work with a number of companies with global offices and are aware of the challenges faced around the difference in the quality, reliability and security of local video conferencing providers in different countries. If your offices have decision making powers over communication strategies, you can often end up with a discordant collaboration service that quickly becomes no longer fit for purpose.

Our video conferencing as a service (VCaaS) solution for enterprise businesses provides a high quality, reliable and secure service no matter the country. We have the ability to run your conferences on a video overlay network service that has been designed specifically to support real time, high quality, high demand and high usage video services. We also have 70 global points of presence allowing video traffic to quickly and securely travel around the world. This takes the pressure off the existing network, and the service owner too.

With 24/7/365 support, users can be sure to get help when they need it, should they need it, providing more time for your support staff.

If you are looking at global offices, or want to improve and secure your communications strategy then we are the people to talk to. Visit our contact page to find out more, or see a selection of the companies we work with on our case study page.