Developing the Business Case for Video Conferencing


Video conferencing is no longer considered a luxury for businesses across the world, but is fast becoming an essential aspect of organisational infrastructure that brings together remote employees, reduces travel and administration costs and increases productivity and efficiency. The business case for video conferencing is changing!

There are several factors, related to technological developments of recent years and ongoing industry trends, which have resulted in a need for your organisation to re-examine the business case for deploying video collaboration as a primary communications tool. These factors include:

  • The increasing trend towards telecommuting – more and more workers are opting to work from home or on the move and so it is becoming more or less essential to employ a mobile collaboration system to be able to contact your remote workforce where ever they are and on any device.
  • New flexible working regulations – from the end of June 2014, the government is extending the right to request flexible working to all employees and so in the new world of flexible working we will see video conferencing being used more and more to have quick conversations with co-workers, team meetings and collaborative working between home and office based staff.
  • A rapidly expanding range of options to select from when choosing a video conferencing deployment.
  • Video conferencing is now fully scalable and no longer a drain on bandwidth

Video conferencing can be used for much more than the standard project or team meeting. In fact, when properly deployed and utilised, video conferencing can help transform the way an organisation does business!

To find out more about the business case for making video communications tools available to all read our white paper.

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Image courtesy of Polycom