The Guardian calls Gen X Feckless and Entitled - The Generation Game Pt. 2

In August 2016 we wrote an article titled The Generation Game – Baby Boomers, Gen X and Millennials, which you can read by clicking the link. Nearly three years on and the conversation is still as strong as ever, and that article is still being read and shared on a daily basis.

Within it we looked at the silo’s that people were putting workers into based on the year that they were born; and therefore the tendencies, characteristics and what they offer to a business. As mentioned, three years on and the only change in the conversation is that the talk has progressed to include Generation Z and Generation Alpha.

We are putting individuals into categories more than ever before, trying to assume that people will grow up and become an employee that does certain things based on their early life experiences of technology, politics and the economic situation around them.

Look at this extract taken from an article in The Guardian earlier this year as a clear point of that:

‘Maligned as feckless, entitled, absorbed by screens and uninterested in sex, millennials have been a favourite punchbag for some time. Generation Z, born from mid-1990 on, are next in line for a kicking. After them are Generation Alpha, the first group of millennials’ children, born from about 2011 until 2025. Henry Rose Lee, the intergenerational speaker and author, describes them as “millennials on steroids”. “The oldest millennials didn’t really grow up with digital technology, though of course they’ve inherited it and made it their own,” she says. “People under the age of 22 have virtually grown up with it in its increasing sophistication. They are thus quite different from us oldies.”’

Is this not ultra critical and negatively predictive? Is it just a grumpy person who doesn’t like the way the business world is changing? Is there resentment of being older and perhaps a lack of success that makes people be so critical of a whole generation?

Whatever it is, we think that stereotyping and pigeonholing is not the right way to do things. Within generations there are large percentages of people who transgress with the change (especially around technology), and are able to seemingly not age in thoughts, but only improve through experience and process.

The digital workplace is becoming known as the fourth revolution, due to the tremendous impact that it is having across businesses of all sizes. Our whitepaper on the Hyper Connected Workplace takes a look at this from both a user and businesses point of view, and addresses what has to change, including looking at the generations currently working in every company. Download it by following the link.

This digital revolution driven by many factors including (but not exclusively) the amount of data, speed to market, work/life balance and collaboration, is having to make the C-Suite re-evaluate what is best for the company. The ability to be in communication with any work colleague, partner, third party or customer at any time and from anywhere is critical for both B2C and B2B companies. Patience is being lost, and people of all ages, not just the younger generations, expect answers immediately from enquiries, complaints, and especially if they are within a purchasing funnel.

Having experts that can help you through this changing collaboration environment whereby communication can happen 24/7/365 using required ‘easy to use’ ‘reliable’ technology is why Videocall are here. We can help deliver successful outcomes and KPI’s that have been attached to delivering a national or global communications service. We have achieved this many times with many companies. Take a look at our case study pages to read a few examples.

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