The Most Interconnected Time in Human History

Infographic - The most interconnected time in Human History

We are living in the most interconnected time in human history. We have found new and better ways to communicate with each other, meaning distance, time, cost and culture are no longer barriers to personal and business success. Our ability to communicate, collaborate and persuade no longer depends on our location, device or schedule.

40% of the world’s population (almost 3 billion people) are online today, and within the next five years, connected devices will outnumber humans six to one.

It is clear that the way we work has changed. Technology such as video conferencing, online collaboration and telepresence allows businesses to improve the way they work, helping them innovate and solve problems together faster. However, as a result of increased connectivity the rate of business innovation and change has reached such speeds that only the most agile companies can keep pace.

Competition is increasing and the most successful companies are leveraging collaborative technology to drive efficiencies.

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(Source: ITU)