The Polycom and Microsoft Video Conferencing Relationship

Polycom and Microsoft have had a working relationship for a long number of years. Whilst it can’t quite be classed as a full on marriage, they are well and truly engaged.

Overall this partnership is very positive for businesses as both companies are striving to deliver better collaboration through audio, video, and messaging. The workplace is changing and Polycom and Microsoft are at the cutting edge of pushing it forward.

If you are currently looking to enhance or deploy a new unified communications strategy, there is a high chance that Microsoft Skype for Business is in your thoughts. You can read our updated whitepaper featuring Office 365, Skype for Business Online and how to implement it by following this link.

Skype for Business was created as a peer-to-peer desktop application born from the success of Lync and Skype. There is no doubting that it has been hugely successful and that this success has increased the partnership of Microsoft and Polycom.

What Polycom have been able to do, and will be doing even more so in 2017, is enhance the Skype for Business experience within the meeting room. In January 2017 Project Rigel will launch; a set of devices that can improve different areas of a Skype for Business meeting. The new Polycom MSR Series will bring the familiar Skype for Business experience into the conference room.


Polycom RealPresence Group Series endpoints and the RealPresence Trio, alongside other Business Media Phones will include the Skype for Business User Interface. This has been designed to create seamless workflows that employees find familiar however they want to arrive in a meeting.

Having one single interface for collaboration makes sense. Consistency in access and scheduling through trusted platforms saves time and money on training as well as increasing prevalence and therefore shortening time to ROI.

As a Polycom Platinum Partner (Polycom-powered Video-as-a-Service Partner, Polycom RealPresence Video Content Management Implementation Services Specialisation, RealPresence Implementation Services) and Microsoft Silver Communications Partner, Videocall are in the perfect position to help implement a Skype for Business strategy within any enterprise company. Our knowledge of combining the best hardware and software through our managed service offering continues to help drive success.

Find out more about Skype for Business, Skype for Business Online, Office 365 and the E5 licence from our whitepaper