The Risks of Bring-Your-Own Device – Videocall Eagle


How can you ensure you are getting the most out of your video conferencing solution?

Deployed and implemented correctly, video conferencing drives user adoption, improves efficiency and delivers real ROI across your business.

But with the rise of BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device), employees are operating across a range of devices from disparate locations and networks and if an adequate BYOD policy is not in place this can create difficulties with scheduling, management and security of video conferences.

When employees start using their own devices, ensuring business functions and processes can operate as normal with the same standards of security can pose a challenge.

Videocall have developed a solution that gets round these issues, in the form of our next generation telepresence and video conferencing service management environment designed to bring systems, applications and services together in a combined, seamless, high quality environment – Eagle.

Eagle provides a customer-friendly portal for booking conferences that is tightly integrated with our conference management services, namely ICE Video-as-a-Service and the vNOC Real Time Meeting Environment Management.

With Eagle, it is possible to improve user experience by seamlessly scheduling and managing all of your enterprise`s telepresence and video conference meetings running on Videocall’s world leading managed services.

The service provides:

  • A simple and intuitive user experience
  • Immediate visibility of your conference systems availability
  • A fully automated service from booking to billing and reporting
  • Comprehensive conference management information

Eagle provides up-to-date scheduling information about your meeting facilities and is integrated with our vNOC services or your own internal service.

Participants can schedule and view information about video conferences no matter where they are or what device, system or network they are operating on, meaning it is fully compliant with a Bring Your Own Device policy.

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With the rise of BYOD in the workplace, organisations will have to take steps to ensure they are properly equipped to deal with the influx of different devices and the shift in the way of working. Click below to download our whitepaper which looks at the issues around BYOD and how organisations can overcome these challenges to enable a more productive and efficient workforce, while simultaneously saving costs and driving ROI.