The solution to better collaboration is…

Today’s researcher in the B2B area spends a lot of time reading and watching content to better understand what it is they are trying to achieve, no matter the complexity of the subject. It has become human nature to avoid talking to someone who wants to sell us something until as late as possible, probably because they are seen as pushy, demanding and often trying to sell to their own agenda rather than yours.

With the amount of content being released on a continual rise, how do you choose what to read, what is going to be useful in helping you understand, and what may end up just confusing?

At Videocall we offer collaboration workshops where you can talk to a consultant about the present and the future, challenges and expectations, without feeling like you are being sold a solution or service. They can be over the phone or face to face over a coffee. Whatever suits you. And we can guarantee – NO SALES PITCHES!

Attend one of our 45-minute unified collaboration workshops and understand how to create the perfect communication solution for your business.


  • Understanding your business needs – Internal customers drive adoption
  • The challenge – Is it hardware, software, user base or a combination of them that is the challenge?
  • Migration to the cloud – Is it right for your business? What are the steps that can be taken?
  • New technology and platforms – Can it improve my collaboration? How can it be part of a bigger solution?

Each workshop is complimentary, confidential and held on a one to one basis.

Use the contact form, email us at or call us on +44 (0)1276 706 706 to book your workshop today.

In our previous blog, we looked in depth as to what you would get from one of our sessions and touched upon what you should start thinking about in order to help you progress in your own time. We advise that you go back to it for reference and refresh purposes.

What is the end goal?

You can carry out all the research in the world, read as many blogs, whitepapers and case studies as you like; even watch YouTube videos and webinars, but without having a clear definition of exactly what it is you are trying to achieve i.e. having a unified collaboration strategy plan in place, you will likely meander from thought to thought getting nowhere. You need knowledge that is relevant, innovative, practical and realistic to your business needs and goals.

As a unified collaboration business with over 20 years of experience with enterprise companies, we have experts that can consult with you to ensure that you have a strategy in place and that it will be adopted by your users. Take a minute to look at our case studies to understand how we have helped other companies such as Britvic, Fujitsu and Clarks.

Let us help you overcome your biggest collaboration challenges. Use the contact form, email us at or call us on +44 (0)1276 706 706 to book your workshop today.