The Top Considerations of Migrating to the Collaboration Cloud

Migrating services to the cloud is probably on the minds of many enterprise businesses' executive teams presently, but what are the top requirements that must be evaluated before any decision is made?

In this series about cloud migration and collaboration we have written about eliminating complexity in the cloud, using the cloud to power your collaboration, and Videocall’s Polycom-Powered ICE platform and its enterprise level functionality. Click on the links if you have missed any of them.

The best cloud platforms make it easy to enable full enterprise-wide video capability without having to invest in infrastructure, ongoing expertise or resources to maintain and upgrade features over time.

When it comes to selecting a cloud video collaboration solution, you should evaluate:

  • Plug-and-play simplicity and reliability – the cloud solution should accelerate in-office and remote employee adoption and satisfaction, and make collaboration seamless for users
  • Accessibility and interoperability – the cloud platform should support any protocol, any video conferencing system, and any desktop or mobile device in any location
  • Utility pricing – a pay-as-you-go model reduces the risk of investing in deep initial upfront costs and provides a smooth predictable cost of scaling as business needs grow
  • Security know-how – potential providers should demonstrate expert knowledge of UC security issues and have processes in place to deal with enabling remote connections without a VPN, etc.
  • Fully-managed service – while some meetings will take place ad hoc in huddle rooms or similar environments, other high-profile events may require a concierge service to take care of scheduling meetings, inviting attendees, setting up and controlling the room environment. Similarly, is real-time virtual support on hand for users that are having problems? Working with a provider that offers a tiered managed service will ensure you can cater to the needs of every enterprise user in the most appropriate manner

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With over 20 years of experience within the video conferencing and collaboration industry Videocall provide advice on cloud migration.

Before migrating to a cloud platform, IT professionals should take some time to consider some key points:

  • Evaluate current IT workflows so that decisions can be taken about how staff will be able to adopt and utilise new video conferencing technology, and how in-house IT teams will support employees throughout the platform’s life
  • Rather than starting from scratch, evaluate pre-existing ‘old age’ platform deployments and see how these could be built on to encourage greater collaboration
  • Explore what kind of cloud environment to deploy and what level of platform your new platform requires. In other words, will in-house IT teams want to retain control of certain elements?

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