The Vaas Series: Part 2 - The Benefits of Using Cloud-Based Video as a Service

In the second part of our VaaS series, we are looking at the benefits of using video conferencing as a service, when compared to a standard in-house managed set-up that might already be in place.

The list below may have certain points that resonate strongly with your company, whereas others, less so. We all know each company is different, but we know that VaaS carries enough benefits that there is likely to be at least one benefit for every company.

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Video as a Service is an option for companies that provides a number of advantages from traditional video conferencing in-house solutions. There are a number of different services available from vendors that will offer an array of options within their service. It is then a matter of matching up the service to the options you want best to achieve.

So what are the benefits?

OpEx Funding Model – The ability to pay for something via an OpEx funding model is a benefit to many companies. It allows companies to understand and make regular payments that don’t differ in size. This allows for a greater prediction in spending patterns and increased financial stability.

Lower Investment/ TCO – Moving to a service generally means that a company will get regular bills from the service provider, rather than having to pay a lump sum to begin with. The total cost of ownership can also be lowered overall by both direct and indirect costs including:

Fewer In-House Specialists/Responsibilities – The expertise needed to run video conferencing sits with the service supplier. It is their job to ensure that the service runs at an optimum level, is available at all times and that all equipment is working properly. This means that a company can reduce the number of, or reassign specialists they have to run and maintain any current in-house video conferencing…..

Service Provider Expertise & Support – This also means that support can be provided 24/7/365 with fully trained staff that have instant access to equipment suppliers should they need to

Software Releases & Risk Management – The service provider can apply updates and apply new software releases remotely as well as apply risk management strategies  

Scalability & Flexibility – Video as a Service offers a benefit in that the service can grow with your business as requirements change. As more employees come on board, or as employees find video collaboration becoming an increased part of their daily work routine, licenses and endpoints (including mobile endpoints), can be easily added…..

Globalised & Flexible Workforce – With the increase of mobile endpoints such as smartphones and tablets, staff can stay connected wherever they are. This allows companies to hold face-to-face meetings with people all across the world, as well as give staff the flexibility to work outside of the office, but still have a connection and belonging within a team….

Interoperability – The service provider should be able to connect mobile endpoints with room based systems and Skype for Business, with ICE maintaining quality and collaboration at all times  

Videocall’s ICE (Intelligent Cloud Experience) offers a whole host of extra services that deliver the enterprise experience in the cloud. You can read more about our ICE service in our article on the benefits of ICE..

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DOWNLOAD OUR FREE E-BOOK: `The ICE e-Book: A Guide to Video as a Service`

If there are any questions that we have managed to miss covering the answer to then please leave a comment, or contact one of our team. We will be happy to help you find the answer you need to move forward.