The VaaS Series: Part 5 - Integrating VaaS with Skype for Business

So, you’ve done your research and have decided that Video as a Service (VaaS) is a step in the right direction for your business. Integrating your existing communication methods with the contemporary services on offer can seem like a minefield. Videocall can consolidate your communication technologies for flexible communications anywhere.


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Embracing the Change
Skype for Business (SfB) is quickly becoming the first port of call for businesses looking for the ideal platform for online collaboration. It used to be that Skype was used for social communication between families living miles apart or friends met while travelling. Since Microsoft purchased and separated Skype into effectively two platforms – social Skype and Skype for Business – the latter has seen a marked rise in usage. With 50 billion minutes of traffic every month, and 50% of Skype users coming in over video, now is the time to join in.

Deciding upon VaaS that works closely with the communication elements you already employ is really the best way to continue with the same productivity, rather than seeing a dip while platforms, servers and users work out how to merge together. If you are wondering whether it is worth including a VaaS framework within your company, see our previous blog: Is VaaS Right for My Company?

Connecting Your Business to the World
Videocall’s ICE SfB Connect solution offers businesses the chance to retain the same functionality, experience and workflow they have enjoyed in terms of layout and ease of use. A business can communicate effectively on SfB, even with people on differing platforms, without disruption to their workflow format. Our ICE VaaS creates a native content sharing experience of extremely high quality, using Remote Desktop Protocol support on our server. Still worried about how VaaS is going to work with your business? Let us help by de-risking the worries of VaaS.

Another benefit is that ICE offers support for multiple SfB customers on a wide range of devices from mobile and web apps to existing SfB room systems. Conferences can be hosted on the SfB server and our ICE infrastructure to successfully optimise resources and improve connectivity and efficiency. Moreover, both the conference host and all those attending are able to utilise any standards-based endpoint wherever they are able to access ICE.

Becoming used to a communication service can breed complacency, namely accepting problems as they come as part and parcel of using video conferencing. However, this is simply not the case in today’s contemporary business world. Videocall’s ICE VaaS opens the door for new and more practical ways of communicating. The simplicity of SfB is one of its main selling points; it is recognisable as a brand and its format and layout are user-friendly. Being able to offer integrated VaaS that works in line with Skype for Business is one of the reasons Videocall’s ICE service is so easily implemented within a company’s culture. Not only that, but customers and workers all over the world, regardless of whether they use SfB, can meaningfully communicate at any time and from any place.

Any Device, Any Location
The largest draw for businesses considering VaaS is the ability to converse with not just the people they already work with, but a wider audience of people who may not have anything to do with the company. Communicating with contractors, outsourced companies, potential leads or candidates for new positions becomes infinitely easier. They do not need to download a separate program in order to correspond; they simply use their existing device to connect via SfB or via a web link sent by the initiator. Our blog, entitled The Benefits of Using VaaS looks into the various plus points in greater detail.

We can even help integrate Skype for Business into your existing video conferencing environment, or upgrade you to our ICE service without affecting your day to day productivity. Looking to the future, your business can become more accessible to those working within it and more communicable for those outside it. With Videocall’s knowledgeable team organising licenses, installations, training, roll-out and support, the problems many businesses associate with upgrading or changing technology are removed. Your business operations carry on, in a vastly improved and significantly more effective way.

If you are ready to embrace VaaS as part of your Skype for Business communications, let the Videocall ICE SfB Connect service bring about a whole new way to engage.

DOWNLOAD OUR FREE E-BOOK: `The ICE e-Book: A Guide to Video as a Service`