The VaaS Series: Part 6 - The Benefits of Videocall's ICE Platform

In the penultimate blog in our Video as a Service (VaaS) series, we shine the spotlight on ourselves. Over the past weeks we have looked at video as a service and the collaborative benefits it can have within almost any industry or workforce. This time, we explain why cloud-based video conferencing has surpassed traditional meeting rooms, and why Videocall’s innovative ICE (Intelligent Cloud Experience) platform is the most exciting addition to both our canon and the industry as a whole.



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Fully Integrated VaaS
The global workplace has never been more connected. The internet, smartphones and an ever-more consumptive society have given rise to an ‘always on’ culture. The need to be communicable at all times and by everyone, both socially and in the workplace, has become such a demand that it is now an expected element within most company cultures. Now, the world ceases to be disparate. Countries, cultures and personalities can meaningfully collaborate via a whole host of avenues. This is exemplified perfectly in the way video conferencing has changed, from an unreliable and jittery medium to a fully-integrated, fully-managed smart service.

VaaS takes the struggle out of organising meetings, conferences and presentations by creating a service model aimed at taking control of technical elements so that employees at every level of a business can concentrate on what really matters: productivity and efficiency. With Videocall’s ICE VaaS, the world becomes that much smaller and working together that much simpler. So what is so special about our offering?

In the world of video conferencing, interoperability is key. Businesses need to be confident that the service they use is versatile enough that anyone anywhere can arrive in a meeting and be an effective part of the team.  ICE is device and system agnostic, allowing fluid use throughout work forces and client bases. Contemporary workflow ideology such as home-working and flexible hours mean that teams are spread further afield than ever before. Whereas traditional conferences took place between two basic conference rooms, ICE allows for multiple endpoint accessibility of the highest quality.

Future Proof Technology
At Videocall, we are ahead of the curve with a variety of technological advances. Creating future proof technology that works in an ever-changing environment is something we at Videocall are always achieving. We are 100% video conferencing focused, without dilution into other areas and sectors. We work closely with Polycom, Cisco, Microsoft and Vidyo, providing a cloud platform that integrates with all telepresence suites and gives advanced usability and functionality to already impressive meeting rooms. Every video enabled endpoint reached from a telepresence suite enjoys the same quality and speed due to much of the legwork taking place in the cloud via a virtualised machine.

It is not just the backend legwork that is taken care of with ICE, the physical issues surrounding the organisation of a video conference is also taken off a company’s shoulders. There are many ways to access and book a room yourself; either via EAGLE, our integrated booking and management program, through Web Suite Pro, our browser-based booking option, or through Outlook or Skype for Business if you are utilising our port-only service.

ICE brings contemporary cloud-based conferencing and meetings to any large business, promoting a tech-savvy culture among all workers, whether on site or in the field. Millennials and the upcoming Generation Y workforce are also future-proofed as they enter into a workplace which encapsulates the technology they use in their home lives, and have come to expect within their employer’s general operations. Research conducted by Lynch suggests that within the next four years 46% of the workforce will be made up of millennials, with that number expected to jump to 74% by 2025. Therefore, implementing state-of-the-art video technology now will help new generations of workers incorporate themselves into your business with ease, becoming immediately productive.

Solutions Based on You
Videocall’s message is simple: solutions aimed at delivering real business value…whatever your needs, wherever you are. ​Your ICE platform is a fully-bespoke service that can be tailored to the needs of your business. Let’s take a look at how you can customise your experience:

  • EAGLE: Our booking service, EAGLE, allows for the simple arrangement of meetings and conferences between all levels of employment. EAGLE comes with the ICE product as standard and can be utilised in whichever way it is most effective for your business. Some companies may prefer to book meetings through a more recognisable interface, in which case Skype for Business or Microsoft Outlook may be the best choice. EAGLE itself has Outlook integration; this means you can book a meeting via Outlook which will then communicate with EAGLE and reserve the room.
  • OUTREACH: This intuitive add-on to the ICE platform offers round the clock maintenance of video conferencing hardware. This means that should a piece of any of your room installations become faulty or ceases to work to its full potential, OUTREACH will log the issue with the service desk and have the problem solved as soon as possible.
  • vNOC: Our Video Network Operations Centre is a secure hub through which our support team can organise and fully manage meetings from start to finish. The specialists will set up the room, invite attendees, maintain sound and video quality levels and ensure that each member of the meeting is receiving the highest levels of functionality throughout. This service is perfect for larger organisations who wish to forego the logistics of video conferencing, rather simply step into a room and be ready to go.

During this blog series, we have written at length about how VaaS has taken over the corporate world to bring a segregated workforce closer together. Businesses are able to communicate with employees, potential clients, suppliers and more with ease and to any video enabled endpoint. Embrace the power of ICE; bring out the best by bringing in the best.

Moving to ICE is easy – find out more in part seven of our series, available here.

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