Top Tier Law Firms are All Coming to Videocall for a Global Service Solution

About You:

You are a global top tier law firm, head office in the UK. You have offices of varying sizes covering large areas of the globe, Europe and The Middle East, Asia, The Americas and Australia. You rely heavily on video conferencing for communication and collaboration; however over the last decade the set-up has become fragmented, localised and the quality and costs are very varied between each office.

Across the company you have different user communities using different platforms and solutions. Interoperability is becoming an issue, as well as trying to manage the different tiers of service that each new provider is offering. Some offices have decided to roll out Skype for Business, whereas others are holding back. The whole thing has become clouded and confusing both to understand and use.

What pain point is going to be the one to make you consider a change in service provider and getting it all under one roof?

The current set-up appears to be working; generally; just about OK. Is it? Look more closely.

There is quite a bit of downtime and a number of connection problems; staff outside of the UK are not using the service as much, and complaining about the video and audio quality when they do. There is little support when something goes wrong, the service is barely cost-effective and continuous local changes are not making it any better.  

There could be a number of contributing factors to the overall poor service including:

  •        Lack of global equipment and network standardisation, for example standard definition, unreliable, ageing systems transmitting inferior images and audio to users
  •        Lack of common user interface in multi-purpose rooms
  •        Global WAN currently insufficient to support full High Definition conferences being run on it without impacting other essential business services
  •        Differing levels of onsite service and support available to regional offices
  •        Ultimate responsibility for equipment and service provision, as well as service alignment allocated to local region / office
  •        Regional office not being subject to SLA
  •        Inconsistent support processes and associated handoff’s

The solution is of course to globalise your entire video conferencing portfolio so that you become - one company, with one cost effective video conferencing experience; wherever you are located.

This is why top tier law firms are turning to us.


About Us:

Videocall provide a managed service to top tier law firms such as Linklaters, Ashurst and Collas Crill to name just three of our legal clients (We also provide this service to global companies across a wide range of industries). This encompasses a highly evolved, tried, and tested approach to support, management, room booking, and problem management.

We also provide regular reporting and trend analysis to ensure this service continues to evolve. This data is reviewed on a quarterly basis, with the aim of providing a clear picture of its evolution and expanding usage, as well as providing a firm basis for tailoring processes to suit. 

These managed services can be summarised into the following simplified areas:

  •        vNOC managed services; full concierge presence from start to finish of video calls where needed
  •        Tiered service (including self-service) approach to provide different user groups the service they require
  •        On-Premise, hybrid and private cloud services available
  •        Video conferencing infrastructure delivered as a cloud service
  •        Equipment maintenance and support provided by a 24 x 7 x 365 next day onsite global SLA
  •        Videocall’s EAGLE, SUREFIRE & OUTREACH applications and platforms for room management, dedicated networks and remote system monitoring
  •        Global equipment installations and engineering services

Videocall’s service continues to evolve over the years so that it fits in to the needs of todays (and tomorrows) global businesses. Whilst maintaining the requirement of being cost effective at all levels, our service ensures that it is scalable, accessible, secure, robust and dependable, easy to use and fully interoperable to multi-vendor technology. Everything you need to tick off on the list of requirements for a successful and well used video conferencing service. 

We have written more about our relationship and understanding of legal firms in this whitepaper. Alternatively to find out more about how we can smoothly bring all your services under one roof; call +44 (0)1276 706 706 or email