Video Collaboration Innovations – Polycom Acoustic Bubble



New from Polycom! Acoustic Bubble technology automatically senses and mutes unwanted background noise.

This is the third in our series about the latest advancements from Polycom – all aimed at improving the user experience of video conferencing.  Our earlier Videocall blogs focused on Noiseblock and Eagle Eye Producer, but in this blog we are focused on Acoustic Bubble technology.

This technology enables workers to enjoy the advantages of video conferencing any time, any place, anywhere – without the worry of background noise, and this video from Polycom explains it very well.



Polycom Acoustic Bubble effectively banishes background noise, making mobile video conferencing very effective regardless of what is going on around you.

This is another step along the road towards making high quality video conferencing technology available to anyone, anywhere on anything. 

Not too many years ago, video conferencing was only available in selected rooms with specialist equipment that users had to book in advance.  Over recent years we’ve progressed to having the facility to make video conference calls from almost any device.   However, the speed of adoption of mobile video conference usage stumbled as many people found themselves limited not by the technology but by the environment in which they are operating.

People talking and machines whirring in the background can be extremely disruptive to a video meeting, and not wanting to suffer background noise whilst trying to make a call, many “road warriors” still prefer not to expose the other party to those distractions – favouring telephone calls instead.

But, with the advent of technology like the Acoustic Bubble, the freedom to take advantage of video conferencing anywhere is here now.

Acoustic Bubble isn’t just for mobile users.   People in an open plan office can take advantage of this technology to remove peripheral sounds from a video conference without having to hover over the mute button.

All the user needs to do is set the parameters for the “bubble.”  If the sound comes from inside the so-called “bubble” it is allowed and will be picked up by the end-user’s speakers, whereas sound from outside is automatically muted.

The technology is embedded into Polycom’s RealPresence platform, and parameters are set centrally within the RealPresence desktop, meaning that no user intervention is required.  Again, Polycom has in mind the goal of making it easier for people in busy environments to participate in audio and video conferences.

So, sitting in a bustling public area or a busy open plan office having meaningful business conversations over a video call has become a reality.

Now you can see your prospect’s reaction when you call to ask what they thought of your proposal.  You can quickly see how a new product development is taking shape.  Or you could be meeting with a remote worker to improve engagement. 

To find out more about the advantages of video conferencing take a look at our whitepaper outlining the value of video conferencing in today’s business environment, as well as some real-world examples of how organisations of all sizes across the world are realising the business benefits of video collaboration.