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Most people in a small video call meeting don’t mute their microphone. It’s just much more convenient to be free to speak without having to remember to unmute and mute each time you want to contribute. Furthermore if all participants are muted this removes the little sounds we all make when we agree or disagree with what’s being said but don’t actually want to speak at that moment. These small verbal cues are often as important as the visual ones.

On the other hand, when a meeting of several people is left unmuted, productivity can easily be degraded by the various day-to-day background noises in each of our lives – typing, doors closing, traffic, birds and crisps (more of that later!). We’ve all been on a conference call where the main topic of discussion is where that irritating noise is coming from, bringing the previously productive meeting to a complete standstill.

So Polycom has recently come up with a number of video conferencing solutions which look set to change the face of video collaboration in years to come. Amongst these solutions is the introduction of NoiseBlock – a solution designed to limit these kinds of extraneous background noise throughout your video conference.

Watch this great example of what a simple packet of crisps can do to a meeting, and how Polycom’s Noise Block works to stop that happening:



NoiseBlock technology works by using an algorithm to identify sounds that are outside of the human voice frequency and block the noise from being sent to participants on the other end. This algorithm allows for conference calls to remain productive and keep participants from having to put the meeting on hold while they wait for unwanted noises to stop.

There are a number of benefits to employing NoiseBlock in your video conferences:

  • Ensure for smooth-running meetings without annoying interruptions
  • Boost productivity and efficiency of video conferences
  • Optimise the time and resources of everyone involved in the meeting

“Polycom is focused on leading our customers’ success by creating solutions to help them build a collaborative experience that is both natural and easy to use. The innovations we have unveiled are a direct reflection of that commitment and our vision to unleash the power of human collaboration. With the right combination of technology, people and processes, organisations can improve productivity, boost innovation and hone their competitive edge.”

Peter Leav, Polycom President and CEO

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