Video Conferencing Accelerates Speed of Business


Over the next few years, the use of personal video conferencing technology is expected to double, reaching 47.7 million client licences by 2017. With the market poised for this steady growth, companies making the decision to deploy video conferencing technology are looking for reasons beyond cost and travel savings to justify their investments.

While mass adoption of video collaboration across your business will certainly enable you to realise benefits in the form of reduced travel expenditure and time spent going to and from meetings, the advantages of using video conferencing go much further than this.

More and more organisations are realising that their IT and communications investments are enabling them to accelerate the speed of business, bringing them benefits such as:

  • Faster decision-making
  • Hands-on project management
  • Open innovation

Industry leaders like KaBoom!, a national non-profit organisation, and Dekra, an insurance claims firm, are just two such examples of companies who have embraced video to make decisions faster, promote open innovation and get more hands-on with project management. Click below to read more and learn how face-to-face online collaboration can accelerate the speed of your business.

Image courtesy of Vidyo