Video Conferencing Improves Corporate Culture


The workplace has grown increasingly virtual – the rise of the remote workers in recent years has made it more and more important for organisations to keep their staff connected, engaged and working together collaboratively, no matter where they are.

On average, 26% of employees work remotely on a regular basis, either from a home office or on the move (Frost and Sullivan), and C-Level executives and managers are having to rise to face the communications challenges that arise as a result.

Forward-thinking organisations are making use of video conferencing to meet this challenge, the use of which improves corporate culture in three main ways:

  1. More productive, engaged and effective meeting.
  2. Improved recruiting and retention
  3. Desirable work/life balance

To see how some of the leading business innovators have used video collaboration technology to realise these benefits and more, take a look at this research brief from Frost and Sullivan and learn how video conferencing could improve YOUR organisation’s corporate culture!