Video Conferencing – Improving Communications and Avoiding Delays


How can you avoid construction projects being set back by unforeseen delays?

With projects increasing in size and scope, strict timelines and economic constraints, it is no surprise that a report from the National Audit Office found that 70% of government construction projects were delivered late.

With these challenges in mind, how can businesses forecast and manage costs on a global scale in an unpredictable industry while overcoming barriers of location, time and budget?

Whether it is urban skyscrapers, suspension bridges, or residential communities, every detail must be carefully synchronised as any potential error could create a delay that will be multiplied exponentially in terms of time and cost.

So how can you prevent your projects from succumbing to these setbacks?

Effective collaboration is key. More and more construction firms are taking advantage of video conferencing solutions to help them solve their business challenges.

Scheduling site meetings at a time convenient for all parties can be a challenge, particularly with the time constraints involved in construction. But with the new generation of mobile video communication services providing high definition quality from any device, gathering remote workers together for meetings is a real possibility. This enables remote collaboration between developers, site teams, architects, quantity surveyors, planners, engineers, inspectors and client representatives dispersed around the globe.

Viewing a construction site or a managed office from the comfort of your desk not only reduces the need for site visits and cut down on travel time. The fact that video conferences can be recorded and played back later, makes the process much more efficient and productive.

Video collaboration solutions help to reduce delays that are caused by waiting for decisions.  Dealing with the incorrect specification of building materials delivered to site, reporting quality problems with subcontractors, or simply showing clients the progress to date can all be achieved by video.  The end result is easier, cheaper, faster and more decisive meetings. As a result there are fewer delays and shorter time to completion of construction projects.

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