Video Talent Acquisition - Faster, Better, Cheaper


The use of video tools for talent acquisition has been a hot topic in recent years. A 2013 Aberdeen report on Video Talent Acquisition found that 32% of organisations were investing in video interviewing, compared to 21% of organisations in 2012. The main drivers for this were:

  • Reduced travel costs
  • Shorter time to hire
  • The ability to reach geographically dispersed candidates
  • The ability to reach a broader range of candidates
  • Improved organisational fit

Talent acquisition is a critical process for organisations. It is an important inflection point in which organisations have the ability to ensure that they have the talent required not only to execute on their current business strategy, but to lead the organisation into the future.

Organisations are also looking to video conferencing to reduce travel costs and shorten the duration of the hiring cycle, while also casting a wider net for talent. This is the Holy Grail of recruiting – hire better quality talent, do it faster, and bring down the cost. The numbers clearly indicate that video collaboration does deliver on this promise, yielding 35% greater year-over-year improvement in time to hire, 32% greater reduction in cost per hire, and a wealth of other improvements.

By bringing people together more easily, organisations harness the power of collaborative decision-making, and make the difficult activity of bringing together candidates and hiring managers easier and more effective. As organisations struggle to find and hire top talent, their ability to reach out to top candidates quickly no matter where they live, and create a positive candidate experience, may give them the edge when it comes to hiring the best.