Videocall have just changed the rules on video port consumption – It’s now better for you and your collaboration service

For as long as we can all remember, concurrent port usage has always had the same rule. Each device that connects requires one port. A pretty straight forward rule and very easy to understand.

What if someone changed the rules to allow multiple devices to connect within a single port?? How does that help you deliver your service better and overcome your challenges? How do you expand your service whilst maintaining the quality, reliability and security that is essential to your enterprise needs?

Welcome to Videocall’s Super Port – We have changed the rules, and as a customer you are going to like it.

In the current climate, Microsoft are pushing hard in the collaboration space, and we hear constantly the chatter of Skype for Business, Office365 and end of life for ageing platforms. Companies are facing exponential growth of video conferencing and in particular, large deployments of Skype for Business.

Through our ICE V6 platform you will not get punished for having large numbers of Skype for Business users join conferences held on room systems. No longer will 10 Skype for Business users require 10 concurrent connections. It would now be just 3.5 Super Ports.

Of course with ICE you will also retain the native Skype for Business workflow and have shared content displayed in the correct place on all devices making life easier for your users. You can read more about that here.

Videocall’s Super Port also greatly benefits people who dial in via an audio connection to a conference. Again, no longer is one port required per audio connection. Instead only part of a Super Port is required, allowing more users to connect without the fear that your users will burst your contract level. Something we know that most service owners are worried about.

Let’s create an example of an average meeting in progress. There are two rooms connected, four people dialling in on audio and five people connected on Skype for Business; totalling 11 connections into the meeting. Using Videocall’s Super Ports this meeting would see a reduction of 47% in concurrent connections.

Super Ports will allow you to control your own connections, you have a concurrency of 20, connect how you like to fill your 20 Super Ports up with rooms, audio, Jabber, Skype for Business etc. We will not hold you to a one for one basis allowing far more flexibility for your users. And importantly, you will still have a service built on quality, reliability and security.

To have a conversation about Super Ports, and find out more about how you can get more by changing from normal port consumption to Super Ports then feel free to contact us. We have a very easy calculator that demonstrates how much better off you will be using Super Ports.

Alternatively, find out more about ICE V6 from our eBook by reading it here.