Videocall Invests in ICE managed services cloud platform with Pexip Partnership

As you may be aware, Videocall recently became a Gold partner of Pexip, allowing us to take advantage of some of their cutting-edge collaboration investments, and further enhance our own VCaaS functionality in ICE, our managed service platform for enterprise customers.

ICE comes with a whole host of incredible features designed to make holding a collaboration meeting easier, quicker and hassle free.

1.      Interoperability

We have always ensured ICE was an interoperable platform able to connect users of Microsoft Skype for Business with users on traditional meeting room technology together in a single meeting. The improved ICE can connect users of Microsoft Teams as well as Skype for Business, Zoom, BlueJeans, Google Hangouts Meet, with Cisco, Polycom and other legacy video conferencing all in the same meeting. ICE is truly now the interoperable platform of choice for business. 

Deliver a truly interoperable service to your business

2.      Join Via Single On-Screen Button and QR Codes

ICE was one of the world’s first collaboration platforms to deliver ‘one touch join’ to limit the need for remote controls and long dial strings within meetings and allow users to touch a single button on a touchpad saving both time and human error. On top of one touch join, ICE users can now join their meeting via QR code technology. This allows for users that may not have booked a meeting room, or had to change at the last minute to find a space and have the room join their meeting

Simplify how users join meetings

3.      Ecosystem

ICE is available to use within any web browser including full plugin free WebRTC support within Chrome, Firefox and Opera, plugin support in Internet Explorer and Safari 11 and ORTC in Microsoft Edge. This means that users can join from any desktop using any browser, as well as being able to join meetings from Cisco, Polycom and legacy video conferencing technology to name just a few hardware vendors

Let users join from wherever, whenever on any device

4.        Deployment

ICE can be deployed however the customer requires, whether that be in the cloud, on-premises or as a hybrid option. Pexip has a strong pedigree in developing private cloud technology, which compliments the ICE suite of deployment options ensuring that no matter the option chosen by the company, they can be safe in the knowledge that it will be secure, reliable and robust

Cloud, on-premises or hybrid. You chose your deployment options

5.      Streaming and Recording

ICE allows users to record and stream meetings to a number of well known locations to make town-hall, all-hands or in house webinars easy to carry out. Companies can livestream direct to YouTube, Ustream, Facebook Live, Livestream and many more video service platforms

Record or live stream any meetings with ease

6.      Tiered Service Options

Where ICE is different as a video conferencing service to most other service suppliers is the ability to still offer vNOC concierge to companies that have executives or partners that require the ‘no touch’ approach to meetings, or who need to ensure that meetings have audio and video levels monitored throughout. ICE is also complimented by our EAGLE service management platform that allows users to book meetings through a self-service model. Of course, ICE meetings can also be booked through Microsoft Outlook, as well as booking Skype for Business and Teams meetings.

A managed service delivered the way you need it to be

ICE of course offers a full range of reporting and analytics so that service owners can understand usage and accurately monitor room usage against demand.

ICE is also backed by Videocall’s ITIL Service Desk, leaving companies safe in the knowledge that should something go wrong, that we are on hand to fix it.

With a market leading feature set that has been designed to support enterprise businesses with the growing requirements to support collaborative meetings across multiple services, regions, countries and time-zones, ICE really has got it all covered. It is little wonder then that companies like Bupa, Fujitsu and Britvic trust Videocall with their collaboration.

If you would like a free demonstration of our ICE platform then contact us today on +44 (0)1276 706 706, email us at or use the website forms to contact us.

Talk to us today and understand how ICE can become the managed service to deliver your collaboration needs!