Videocall lifts Polycom’s® RealPresence platform into the cloud to create ICE

23rd June 2017 – Videocall’s ICE Video as a Service is delivering Polycom’s RealPresence platform to enterprise businesses in the cloud.

Videocall’s ICE (Intelligent Cloud Experience) VaaS service for large enterprise and multi-national companies, is built on the reliability and quality of Polycom’s® RealPresence platform, delivered with the enhancements of our 20 years of video conferencing expertise.

Videocall have taken a leading world class on-premises platform in RealPresence, and lifted it within our ICE platform, to the cloud, enhancing it on the way with important cloud requirements like security, scalability through a consumption based model, and providing resilience and SLA’s; always ensuring that ICE is delivering the same enterprise experience that would be expected through an on-premises deployment.

Polycom’s RealPresence platform is comprehensively designed with essential enterprise enabled features such as RealPresence Connect, One Touch Dial and full interoperability with Microsoft Skype® for Business, alongside new innovative products like Pano™, Acoustic Fence™ and NoiseBlock™ that complement the platform. Allowing for the highest quality audio and video conferences to take place within the corporate environment.    

ICE was the first platform to deliver true Microsoft Skype for Business seamless interoperability for both on-premises and Office365 cloud deployments. Videocall understand the need to ensure a harmonious relationship is delivered for businesses allowing employees, clients and third parties the ability to arrive in a meeting through the platform and device of their choosing.

“Polycom’s RealPresence platform has for many years been the leading and most trusted platform across the globe.Polycom were therefore first choice when looking for a partner to develop our ICE service. The RealPresence platform is well known and well used, and provides companies with a lot of trust that their collaboration service will work.” Videocall’s Managing Director Rob Portwood said. “ICE is the tool that enterprise businesses are looking for when they are thinking about migrating from on-premises to a hybrid or cloud service. It delivers us the quality, flexibility reliability, security, and scalability that as a service provider we demand from an architecture, whilst enabling us to deliver cloud best practises when it comes to resilience, customer workflows, integration and analytics all underpinned by service level agreements.”

“Videocall’s ICE offering is a great example of how Polycom can work with our partners to meet the varied needs of our customers, says Glynn Jones, VP Channels, EMEA, and through our continued collaboration with Microsoft, we are now able to bring powerful experiences to our customers."

In a world where flexible anywhere, anytime working is changing the boundaries for the way businesses work, the Polycom and Videocall relationship continues to lead the way in delivering real enterprise collaboration solutions to businesses, whether that is on-premises, in the cloud or as a hybrid.