Videocall SLAs Already Offering 99.9% Availability

A recent press release from one of our competitors cites a new, financially-backed service level agreement offering 99.9% availability for its cloud-based video service. Whilst this is a great advance for them, it’s something we at Videocall have been offering for over a decade.

Videocall SLA

Videocall has provided SLAs offering 99.9% availability of full video conferencing management services from our dedicated Video Network Operation Centre, or vNOC, and cloud-based services as part of our ICE platform since 2011.

So what does this mean for you?

In short, offering an SLA that promises such high levels of availability is aimed at putting our customers’ minds at ease, allowing video conferencing to be embraced as a mission-critical part of day-to-day operations for any business. So what is it that we can offer you in terms of service? Well, the fully-managed package offered by the vNOC team is just one part of our service. In fact, SLAs promising quality and reliability are an inherent part of every part of Videocall’s VaaS platform, ICE.

Head of Information Services, Security and Compliance, Matthew Linden, says, “At Videocall, we have been concentrating on building the best video conferencing service possible, using knowledge gleaned from twenty years in the industry. Although other companies may just be beginning to promise such levels, we have been confidently doing so for a long time.”

Let’s take a look at why we have been able to offer over a decade’s worth of SLAs with nearly 100% availability:

  • Quality:

Video conferencing is only as effective as quality allows. Video and audio are offered in the highest possible quality, helping to create an environment in which all attendees are able to communicate as if they were in the same room. HD display and close relationships with Polycom and Cisco allows us also to offer the most innovative and advanced hardware. 

  • Interoperability

We agree SLAs based on what our customers need from their video conferencing deployment. One of the demands contemporary businesses have of VaaS providers is the interoperability of devices and platforms. Our close relationship with Microsoft allows interoperability with Skype for Business, and the ICE platform facilitates the use of any video-enabled device or endpoint. We guarantee your employees the chance to make use of methods such as BYOD and remote or flexible working. 

  • Reliability

The reason we maintain such strict SLA policies is to ensure our customers receive an unequivocal service that supports business critical video conferencing applications and quality technical support going forward. Our business is not diluted to other areas of the audio visual industry; we are 100% committed to offering the most reliable video conferencing service for your business. 

For video conferencing to become a critical element of business operations, it must be easy to use and able to be deployed throughout a business with minimum disruption. We understand the need to keep things running throughout a migration, which is another area of service we specify in our SLAs. Simplicity, quality and reliability are three aspects that have set apart our SLAs from our competitors. 

Matthew continues, “Video conferencing is a constantly evolving medium, and we are a constantly evolving company. As the industry has changed in the past fifteen years, so have we, giving us the ability to offer SLAs that speak to our ethos: offering reliable and scalable video conferencing to anyone, anywhere.” 

Do you need a high quality, fit for purpose video conferencing service? Choose a company that have been offering it for years; choose Videocall.