Videocall Turns 19

Today on the 5th of February, Videocall Ltd celebrates its 19th birthday. Started in 1997 by Managing Director Rob Portwood, Videocall has gone from strength to strength in the video conferencing industry.

“When I started the company, I knew that Videocall would always be 100% focussed on video conferencing and improving the way people work in their businesses” Said Rob. “It has been a great journey so far, evolving the company from being a reseller to a managed service provider. I am looking forward to seeing where we go in the next 19 years, especially with all the advancement in technology.”


Videocall is expecting to have an exciting 20th year, with our ICE video as a service platform seeing big growth and really shaping the direction of the company.

“If I could have imagined where Videocall would have been 19 years ago, it would probably have been a lot different to where we are now” Continued Rob. “Picture quality, bandwidth and audio when we started would be seen almost as comical by today’s standards. It really shows how far technology has come in two decades. Who could have imagined that people would be holding meetings on a multitude of devices, including mobile phones, from any location globally?”

“Video conferencing really has become a game changer for business in the way to connects disparate work forces, improves collaboration and increases productivity and efficiency. It is exciting to know that Videocall is now seen as an expert in the industry, and that companies are coming to us for consultancy advice and not just boxes. It really is a true testament to our growth and maturity. ”

“I was proud to launch the Videocall ICE platform a few years back, and am even more proud now that in the 20th year, it is helping us to lead the way in delivering enterprise functionality and experience into the cloud. The workplace is changing rapidly, both in terms of work practices and structure, and video conferencing is at the centre of that change.”     

If you would like to find out more about Videocall’s journey to a managed service provider or about our ICE video as a service platform, please feel free to leave a comment or get in touch using our contact form.