Videocall – Winner of the Polycom® CMO Marketing Excellence Award

The dust has now firmly settled from #TeamPolycom 2016. The event titled ‘Change the Game’ was held in Nashville, Tennessee this year and attended by nearly 2000 employees and partners.

Polycom® and the guest speakers including Scott McKain (@ScottMcKain) and American hero, Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger (@Captsully) had some fantastic things to talk about, including the launch of Polycom’s new RealPresence™ Clariti™. More on that soon.

It was also a particularly good event for Videocall, as the heading suggests, as we were awarded the global marketing excellence award for 2015. A great honour for all our hard work, and a great way to kick off 2016.

However as the name of the award probably doesn’t suggest, the award was not just given for the high quality, engaging, (a little bravado can surely be allowed) thought provoking content, but also for Videocall’s ongoing strategy within the video conferencing marketplace.

Videocall is leading the way, and Polycom have recognised this. Our ICE video as a service (VaaS) offering is bringing enterprise functionality to the cloud in the world of video conferencing. It truly is a pioneering platform that has to be seen to be believed.


With growth in excess of 285% in 2015, and expected growth to be over 400% in 2016, many companies are finding out what true VaaS is all about: High quality, secure, scalable and future proof. Everything that is wanted from a video conferencing platform with no need for any compromising.

You can find out a little more about the latest update to ICE and its connection to Microsoft’s Skype for Business which happened just before the end of 2015 by reading our press release.

We must finish however by linking to some of the marketing that was influential in the overall decision.

Helping companies to work out where they sit with in the video conferencing cycle has been seen as an important ongoing challenge for us here at Videocall. We are not just a company that ‘shift’s boxes’ and leaves. We like to ensure that the video conferencing technology that you already have, and the new technology you buy is going to work for you and your company, bring true benefit and be fit for purpose.

As part of this we launched two short animations recently that will hopefully explain things nice and clearly. These two animations are part of a four part series (the next animation will be coming very soon), so please watch them and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Video Conferencing Business Benefits -

Creating a Video Conferencing Culture -

Alternatively, if you would like to talk to us more about ICE, then get in touch via the contact form or by calling us.