Videocall’s ICE is the Video Conferencing Enabler for Businesses to Move from On Premise, to Hybrid, to Cloud

Many enterprise companies face a similar challenge around cloud. With ageing on premise video conferencing platforms, should investment be made to replace them like for like, should you consider moving the service to a public or private cloud completely, or to a hybrid in between.

What we have created with ICE, is a platform that will help enterprise companies to be confident that they can take the step from ageing on premise platforms, to a hybrid model where sensitive data can be kept within the infrastructure owned by the business, whilst the bulk of the data can be moved to a public cloud where it can be accessed securely by those who need it. ICE is the enabler for companies to take the next step, and Videocall are the consultants that will guide you to the decision that is best for your communications strategy.

Each comes with its own set of challenges that need careful consideration as to the pros and cons.

What will be the best solution for one business will not necessarily be the best for another. For example, some companies may want to look at switching from a large capital expenditure required to replace in-house platforms to an operating expenditure where monthly costs are more predictable. Other companies are happy to have an initial outlay.

When we talk to service owners and enterprise companies about the potential of moving to the cloud, we often hear the same questions or concerns that relate to quality, reliability and in particular security.

At Videocall we help customers to make the choice that is right for their business. Whether that means a public, private or hybrid cloud. You can find out more about each one of these in our blog about which is best for your business.

Whichever decision you come to, you can be sure that Videocall can support you. We have been a video conferencing company for 20 years, and have been leading the way in delivering enterprise functionality in the cloud through our ICE (Intelligent Cloud Experience), video as a service platform for the last decade. To this end, we know that when it comes to quality, reliability and security, we deliver one of, if not the best solution in the world. We have our ISO qualifications 27001 for security and 9001 for QMS, showing our dedication to providing the highest quality service.

Our latest version of ICE, V6, maintains the ease of use, workflows, interoperability and native Microsoft connections to both Skype for Business, Outlook and Exchange as the last version, but improves by introducing Super Ports, a revolutionary new way of consuming your concurrent connections. You can read more about Super Ports in an earlier blog post.

Find out more about ICE V6 by reading our ICE eBook, or by visiting the ICE page on the website. Alternatively, if you would prefer to talk to someone, give us a call on +44 1276 706 706.