Want To Know How ICE Can Enable Individuals Within Your Organisation To Schedule Their Own Video Conferences?

As the role of IT departments within a company continues to develop, companies are looking to free up what has traditionally taken up a large portion of their time; having to be responsible for co-ordinating and booking video conferences for all levels of employees throughout the business.

In the past the processes to book video conferences were complicated and meant that it would usually fall to the IT department to schedule and then run the conference calls for the entire organisation. This however is no longer the case as services are available to simplify the process and allow all level of employees to manage their own video conferences.

Our ICE (Intelligent Cloud Experience) platform allows companies to do just this. There are no more complicated processes behind booking your video conferences, allowing anyone throughout the business to book and run their own video conferences as and when needed. Employees can stay within the workflow they are used to using for their video conferences, whether this is Skype for Business, a traditional room systems, BlueJeans, Jabber etc. Our ICE platform also integrates with Microsoft Outlook, allowing meetings to be booked and accessed directly within Outlook. This also means that it is as simple as ‘one click’ to join your video conferences when booked with our ICE platform.

Alongside the everyday uses for our ICE platform, it also offers a tiered service approach. This allows everyone within the business to use the platform for everything from ad hoc calls, both internally and externally, through to prescheduled calls. There is also the option to have a fully managed concierge service with the use of our vNOC team. This allows more senior employees within the company to have a ‘no touch’ experience when running their conferences if desired.

If you think your company could benefit from our ICE platform, get in touch now by emailing information@videocall.co.uk or calling us on +44 (0) 1276 706 706.