We can make your entire Microsoft Skype for Business deployment work with your room systems through a single workflow

For many service owners deploying Microsoft’s Skype for Business or Skype for Business Online through an Office 365 deployment can present a challenge. In your right hand you have all the investment that has been made in rooms, rooms systems and a platform to run it on. In your left hand you have the all singing and dancing Microsoft Skype for Business world ready to be deployed, allowing simple quick collaboration access across the whole company.

The challenges:

How do you get them to talk together without having to come out of the Microsoft work flow all the time?

How do you make your already invested in equipment work for longer and maintain the quality of the room experience?

How do you further help the flexible working practices of the employees?

How do you balance the demand of users wanting to use mobiles, tablets, desktops, rooms and audio all to connect to the same meeting?

How do you maintain an enterprise level collaboration service with functionality, quality, reliability, and security when using Skype for Business?

Videocall are the answer:

We are more than just a Microsoft Partner that sells and activates your licenses and walks away. We are more than an VC partner that sells you a service that connects to Microsoft through a backdoor, forcing users to exit their well-used Microsoft workflow.  

Getting your Skype for Business deployment right and in harmony with your existing estate should wield the best of all functionality and quality that is available to enterprise companies. It should also maintain the reliability and the security that is expected from a top level services.  

Our ICE platform was built with access to the Microsoft world in both Outlook and Skype for Business, whether on-premises or in the Office 365 cloud using Microsoft’s own workflows, inside their own applications. Think of it as one front door, rather than a front door for one function and a back door for another that many others offer.

ICE Connect allows users to book and join meetings without having to visit any other portals, environments or use other workflows. This allows users to instantly understand and take full advantage of having a Skype for Business meeting, which in turn drives ROI from your Microsoft licences.

To arrive in a meeting, it is as simple as clicking on the Join Skype Meeting link, or clicking the ‘Join’ button on your room system. Simple one click join.

To make things better, ICE is fully interoperable so that any number of Skype for Business users can join a traditional room or any number of traditional rooms whether they are Cisco, Polycom, BlueJeans etc. Content shared through the ICE platform will be delivered to Skype users to the content landing pane, allowing people to read and interact with it comfortably. In most other services the content sent to Skype for Business users appears in one of the smaller participant panes making it more difficult to use.

Let Videocall demonstrate our 20 years of video conferencing experience and redefine what a collaboration partner should be. Let us help you through the commercial and business outcomes; sweat your current estate for longer; support your deployment of Skype for Business and/or Office 365; and most importantly, let us help your right and left hand work together.

Find out more about our relationship with Skype for Business, about our ICE platform or contact us to start the discussion. Or read our case study on Clarks or Britvic to see how we deployed Skype for Business for them.