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Collaboration that is easy to use and intuitive; that is reliable, secure and available; collaboration that is interoperable and delivers high quality audio and video; collaboration that makes the users more efficient and productive, but allows them to work from anywhere; collaboration that links traditional room based technology to modern mobile services. This shouldn’t be too much to ask for in your unified collaboration service. It should be the minimum.

In this series of blogs, we have been discussing video collaboration in the cloud. So far, we have covered what the problem with most enterprise video systems are, and how to do video collaboration the right way. Click either of the links to go back should you have missed either of these passages.

But what about all those articles that you read about the cloud? What’s true and what’s not. Here are a couple of our favourite myths that we would like to de-bunk:

  1. Once I commit to cloud video, I’m locked into cloud video – No
  2. Cloud video compromises quality (audio, video and content) for convenience – Certainly not
  3. Cloud video is a polite way of saying ‘less than enterprise-grade’ – Not True
  4. Cloud video is only for on-the-go users - Wrong
  5. Cloud video services come with a steep learning curve – Quite the opposite 

All four of these points are completely untrue, you can download our whitepaper – Re-imagined – Video Communication and Collaboration in the Cloud to get an in depth read on our answers to why we are debunking these myths.

One fact however that we do like to talk about, is that migrating to the collaboration cloud is not an all or nothing process. It can happen at a speed that suits your business, even if that is staying on-premises.

At Videocall we have used our 20 years of experience to develop the best intelligent collaboration platform available today for enterprise businesses.

ICE (Intelligent Cloud Experience) is powered by Polycom RealPresence, as such it achieves ALL of the essential criteria mentioned in the first paragraph required for a successful enterprise collaboration solution. If as a company, you are not ready to move to the collaboration cloud, ICE can be deployed on-premises, whilst it can also be deployed as a hybrid or as a private or public cloud option dependant on your business requirements.

Videocall are 100% focused on video collaboration, that’s why we partner with market leaders, and what drove us to create a video-as-a-service platform (based on Polycom’s RealPresence) which could deliver high quality video, securely to everyone in the organisation.

From evaluating your needs to planning out how to ensure user acceptance and adoption we can help. If you would like to see a demonstration of ICE or would like to discuss your collaboration environment and migration to the cloud then simply use our contact form, email us at information@videocall.co.uk or call us on +44 (0)1276 706 706.

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