What are the top five IT requirements for AV/VC right now?

  1. Ease of use – both for users and supporting IT team
  2. Fast activation for users and the IT team
  3. To limit the amount of ‘rip and replace’ of technology
  4. Backend integration with other vendors
  5. Hybrid cloud support for legacy systems

The list above is probably a list that is the top 5 across the whole IT sector right now, however we are going to look at them from and audio and video collaboration point of view. Let’s take a deeper look at each one, and what exactly it means.

Ease of use

It is probably fair to say that ease of use covers technology as a whole, rather than just AV/VC. The easier technology is to use, the higher the adoption rate tends to be; as long as the service also does what the user was anticipating.

Audio and video conferencing, has over the past years been an overly complicated tool. Thankfully some providers have realised this and the push to make holding your meeting easier to run has continued year on year. Videocall have introduced features like one click join, booking meetings using Microsoft Outlook and interoperability across manufacturers and devices. We constantly strive to make the service as easy to use as possible, and to protect workflows that users currently use.

In terms of IT support, collaboration requires specialist skills in order to maintain a reliable service that is likely to be covering a vast geography of areas either nationally or globally. Having simple user guides and services that can offer remote support, such as Videocall’s OUTREACH can help.

Fast activation for users and the IT team

Time is money; an over coined phrase, but of course it is true in the business world. Following on from ease of use, is making sure that new collaboration equipment can be set-up and in use quickly, almost to the point of plug-and-play in a computer. Obviously not all conferencing equipment has reached this stage yet, but some of Polycom’s latest phones and endpoints are claimed to be straight out of the box, with quick, simple installation.

As a platinum Polycom provider, we can help you decide if these endpoints are exactly what you want, or whether our team of fully accredited engineers can come and install any new Polycom, Cisco or Microsoft collaboration technology that you decide suits your business needs. Our engineers will take the pressure away from your IT team, and our Service Desk can set up all your users so that your company is ready to go.

Limit the amount of ‘rip and replace’

Investment in collaboration technology has always been a long-term strategy whereby ROI is achieved over several years. With plenty of new cloud and hybrid services on offer, the CapEx models have started to be replaced by OpEx so ROI can be achieved instantly. This sounds great, but interoperability problems between vendors has meant that sometimes changing services meant having to replace still functional technology with new equipment; wasting money.

Videocall offer a fully interoperable services that works with endpoints from Cisco, Polycom, Microsoft, Avaya, BlueJeans, Lifesize and more, meaning that replacing technology that is still functional and still returning ROI is not required.

Backend integration with other vendors

With users wanting to book and arrive in meetings through various systems and services, the ability for them to all work together as a single unified solution is more critical than ever.

Connectivity of devices and meeting spaces throughout the business is a challenge. Whether it’s mobile devices, VOIP, room systems or desktops, companies need them all to be able to connect for the best collaboration.

Workflows of programmes such as Microsoft’s Outlook have been used for years with businesses to book meetings through the calendar functionality; why should booking a meeting that involves video conferencing be done through a different method? That just means staff need to learn new processes and have training.

Videocall’s services such as EAGLE, ensure that users have the option of using the workflows that they always use. We give you the choice to do things the way you always have done.

Hybrid cloud support for legacy systems

It seems everyone wants to push cloud in technology, but what about those that either don’t want to put anything or only some data in to the cloud? As with the rip and replace heading above, if your business has older legacy equipment on-premises that is still functioning perfectly well, how do you go about connecting to cloud services without having to replace it?

A hybrid cloud solution is the answer, and this is something that Videocall offer as a service through our ICE platform. The ability to connect cloud services such as Microsoft’s Skype for Business Online with on-premises room systems not only allows companies to keep using their invested in assets, but also run multiple services to cover the demands of employees or get more out of licences such as Office365. 

If these are the top priorities for AV/VC services owners right now, then talk to Videocall. We can help you with each and every one of them, whether you want one or all five ticked off your to do list.

Call us on +44 (0)1276 706 706 or email information@videocall.co.uk  to start your conversation.