What differentiates Videocall and StarLeaf in the Microsoft Skype for Business world?

If you are thinking about deploying Skype for Business from the Microsoft Office365 Azure cloud across your business as part of your unified collaboration strategy, then you will undoubtedly have noticed the numerous companies offering help with this deployment.

With so much noise and so much choice, how can you be sure that you pick the right partner?

Enterprise companies must consider certain factors when considering the roll out of Skype for Business which should impact heavily on the companies that they consider using.

  • Do you want a service provider to ensure ongoing stability and reliability, or a company to simply deploy and walk away?
  • What is the overall strategy – Is it Skype for Business everywhere (and lower quality audio and video in meeting rooms), or keep the codecs and traditional endpoints in the meeting rooms?
  • Ease of use – Do you want the process for users to get in to meetings to be as simple and straight forward as possible, maintaining existing workflows?
  • Should the solution be reliable, secure and scalable, delivering a consistent experience in offices nationally and globally?
  • Would a tiered service approach be suitable, so that the majority of staff run self-service scheduling, whilst business critical meetings can be fully managed by the service provider?
  • Do you require analytics on usage and users across the entire video conferencing estate, which will provide critical business realisation figures?

Videocall are a video conferencing and unified collaboration systems integrator,  and a managed service provider with over 20 years’ experience of working with national and global enterprise companies. We provide our customers with a bespoke service to suit their exact communication needs, with the end goal of making your company more Agile, more Flexible and better Connected.

Our strength and differentiator comes in the fact that we will deliver a service that has all the enterprise features, functionality, reliability and security that is expected today. Our ICE video as a service platform can be delivered from the cloud, on-premises or as a hybrid to bridge the Microsoft Skype for Business users to traditional endpoints whether they are within your company or clients, service providers or other outside organisations that you regularly communicate with.

When you combine our ICE platform with the GTm product range by StarLeaf you can move away from having a PC hidden in a cupboard plugged into a screen, and get more from your deployment of Skype for Business.

The GTm product range has technology that connects to Skype for Business users whilst using two screens; perfect for viewing content during the meeting. You also have technology that is easy and intuitive to use, with simple dial-in options from the meeting room. The GTm 5140 has been designed for smaller meeting rooms, whilst the GTm 5250 is perfect for normal to larger spaces, and offer more functionality and features.

To talk to us about your upcoming Microsoft Skype for Business deployment, to discuss options or to get a demonstration of Videocall’s ICE platform and StarLeaf’s GTm technology contact us today. Call us on +44 (0)1276 706706 or email information@videocall.co.uk