What does Cisco Spark Offer Enterprises Businesses?

In our blog series so far we have taken a high level look at what Cisco Spark is, what the Cisco collaboration strategy is and why you should think about Spark for your company. You can read each of them by clicking on the relevant links.

In this next blog we are going to look a little more at the actual features and applications that Spark offers. What does it have that makes it the all-in-one collaboration tool for enterprise businesses?

Cisco are quick to talk about Spark’s eight features:

  • Chat
  • Video
  • Meetings
  • Whiteboard
  • People
  • Share Screen
  • Files
  • Call

Many of these features are something that other services offer, and are expected within a collaboration service. What is different about Spark is that there is no need to purchase further licences to unlock all the features. You do not require an E5 or ACP licence like you would in Microsoft Skype for Business to be able to have a video call or unlock PSTN capabilities. Also, all of these features are available in one single application.

Cisco have moved from instant messaging to business messaging with new-age messaging tools, so that chat offers the instant message style conversation that you find in WhatsApp rather than Skype for Business.

The ability to group conversations by topics, projects or contacts, rather than just contacts is a simple but useful feature. Each chat is saved into a space, so that you can carry the conversation on from any device at any time. The conversation remains in the Spark space until it is archived.

This is also true for any files that have been uploaded into the space. They remain available to search at any point, view and download as required. You can even add bot’s to search for certain files for you. All of the content within the space is fully encrypted, both as it is sent to the cloud, and again when it enters the cloud to ensure the highest levels of security are maintained.

Within any space, you have the option to search and add people, share screen, hold audio calls or collaborate by video. You can easily invite and include external customers, partners and participants into a space knowing that Spark is endpoint agnostic, and that they ca join from any device.

Everything is easy to do within Spark. The whiteboard is real time, so that people in different locations can collaborate at the same time. The cameras are fully 4k, so therefore allow for high definition wireless content sharing as well as high quality video.

Whilst these might be the main features, Spark offers a lot more extra functionality behind the scenes, especially when paired up with a Spark Speaker Track found in the Spark Room Kit. Read more about the Spark Room Kit here.

The Speaker Track offers intelligent spatial awareness, with the integrated cameras delivering clever automatic framing and speaker tracking. It also offers people counting which can be used as a benefits realisation metric as a usage and resource allocation metric. These are just a few of the analytics on offer within Spark. There are a whole host of customisable reports available including WebEx reports that can be used to boost engagement and adoption.

If you have Cisco desktop phones, it is possible for the calls to be answered via the Spark app. This allows users to pick up Spark calls at their desk or whilst out of the office via a mobile. Users can even pick up a Spark call on their mobile on the way to a meeting room, and have it automatically transfer to a Spark Board when they enter the room.

With Spark, Cisco have created a next generation collaboration portal that is endpoint agnostic across room systems, desktop, mobile and phones. A service that should satisfy every employee, with its ability to offer collaboration of choice and a instantly recognisable and an easy to use interface.

Seeing is believing though as they say, so why not come and see and test Spark for yourself. Send us an email or give us a call, and we can invite you into a Spark space and give you a full demonstration of its functionality. Email information@videocall.co.uk or call us on +44 (0)1276 706 706