What Does Enhanced Video Collaboration Do for Your Business?

Throughout this series of blogs, we have discussed a wide range of ways in which Videocall can help to grow your video conferencing estate without costing the earth. From the changes cloud-based conferencing has made to enterprise collaboration, to how best to add value without disruption and how to make adoption easier for all employees – we have delved into the key points for consideration. In this final blog, we look at what it is your new video collaboration technology can do for all facets of business operations.

Videocall is an official partner of Polycom, providing some of the most advanced video conferencing deployments suited to the business needs of many enterprises. With top quality equipment and unequivocal managed service options from our solutions engineers and consultants, video conferencing becomes a highly-polished and interoperable functionality that many businesses cannot do without.

But what tangible benefits can your employees find within an enriched unified communication and video collaboration culture? Our customers cite the following three aspects as their most desirable from a new or enhanced deployment.

Polycom Boardroom

1. Ease of Use

Possibly the most important aspect of a video conferencing solution, and one we have covered in detail in our previous blog is ease of use. What is the point of spending money on a solution – regardless of how much it is – when simplicity is not one of the benefits? The infrastructure that has been deployed should be conducive to current workflows, which means it must be incredibly versatile. This is not just down to the hardware; integrated software that is operable via all devices and browsers is a must. Some features of Videocall’s services, as well as our ICE platform, that support ease of use are:

-          Skype for Business integration: For a number of enterprises, Microsoft’s Skype for Business is the go-to tool for messaging and ad hoc video meetings. With ICE, powered by Polycom technology, the Skype for Business interface can communicate with any other video-enabled meeting platform. This allows room systems, personal devices and platforms from outside the business network to communicate with one another, keeping usability simple and straightforward.

-          ICE Join: The ability to enter a room and join a meeting without lengthy dial-in codes and calendar searches is something Videocall can proudly offer with ICE Join. This single-click functionality can be bolted on to your existing ICE subscription and works via a touchscreen panel or remote.

-          Managed Services: For further simplicity at all levels of enterprise employment, we offer end-to-end service management delivered by way of a suite of intuitive products aimed at delivering real business value through customer success. These include EAGLE, OUTREACH, SUREFIRE and our 24/7/365 vNOC team.


2. Return on Investment

For CIOs and managers, achieving ROI is paramount to a service being useful in the long term. An initial expenditure, however large or small, must achieve ROI as quickly as possible. The benefits of a video conferencing solution from Videocall and Polycom are numerous, and each lead to a substantial ROI through improved collaboration, enhanced business functionalities, and a decrease in the number of upgrades needed over time. 

Simply put, a solution that integrates state-of-the-art technology from Polycom – whether this be a full telepresence suite, a room system, or the use of employee’s own devices – over an innovative cloud platform like ICE, can be futureproofed and easily interoperable with new technology, as and when it becomes available. At Videocall, we define our customer’s success as a result of the lowest TCO, the quickest ROI and the best quality of experience (QoE) possible. Achieving each one of these is part of the process we provide to every customer whilst still being specific to your business objectives.


3. Efficiency and Integration

We understand the importance of efficiency within business; it could be the difference between signing a new client, getting a product to market before a competitor, or simply bringing a team into unison to achieve a shared goal. With efficiency and straightforward integration into existing workflows, room and systems a must for our customers, our ICE platform – and our suite of products and services – are aimed to this end.

The perceptible benefits of these two aspects can be seen through the following:

-          Spending less on employees whilst achieving the same amount of work: It is now easier to quantify expenditure by witnessing an increase in the output of work regardless of location. There is now the possibility to increase video conferencing real estate whilst simultaneously decreasing the need for extensive physical real estate. Flexible and remote workers can remain part of a team, without the need for each employee to have their own desk within the office.

-          Utilising all existing rooms and systems to create collaborative synergy: Many businesses use a variety of contradicting technologies which have been gathered throughout the life of the business. In these cases, synergy between all of these different elements is often lacking. It is important that your video conferencing estate traverses all these landscapes in order to create a unified infrastructure whereby each element works in line with the rest. Videocall’s Room Integration and System Integration services leverages your existing technology to create a transformation or network environments, applications and platforms into a seamless environment for audio, visual and content collaboration.

 Polycom RealPresence Centro

Enhancement, Encouragement and End Goal Achievement

A deployment is defined through the results it achieves, which is tantamount to long-term customer success. With video conferencing designed, implemented and managed by Videocall, as well as a close relationship with world-class hardware and software options from Polycom, a new collaborative culture is easily created and cultivated. 

For enterprises, the apprehension about video conferencing is often related to difficulty of use and the cost of deployment and maintenance. Videocall removes those apprehensions; we have a complete start-to-finish and beyond process, leaving businesses to use their solutions without worry and stress and with a new vigour towards communication, both internally and externally, at all levels. 

Need to know more? Our whitepaper Reducing the Cost of Collaboration for Your Business, presented in conjunction with Polycom, discusses more about getting the best value from your video conferencing solution.