What does it take to be the perfect unified communications service owner?

The ultimate question for anyone who owns either the video conferencing or unified communication service within a company is how to make the service better, without having to increase the spend exponentially. Can it be answered though?

We have launched an eBook titled – Service owners, realise how your work environment could be, written in conjunction with Polycom. It is an eye opening piece that encourages service providers to take the time to visit the Polycom Executive Experience Centre (EEC) in London and really see the technology working.

As a Platinum Polycom Partner we often take service owners along to the EEC, and know that the experience will help answer that ultimate question.

For each company the way to improve their service will vary. Some companies may run their audio and video as two separate towers, whilst others may have a global service that has been constructed from local suppliers. However you are currently running your communications service there is a high probability that we can help you improve it, and achieve ROI faster.

Listening and understanding how your users either currently arrive in a meeting, or want to arrive in a meeting is key.

As an agnostic video conferencing managed service provider we can provide expertise across the whole spectrum of technology and options available to you, from Polycom, Cisco, Microsoft, Lifesize, BlueJeans and more. We can help you link Skype for Business to your room systems whilst maintaining Outlook calendar booking. Got some Jabber users that want to join the call? Not a problem, let them join the way they normally do. Disrupting work flows will push people away from the service; maintaining it will drive usage.

From adoption, to linking multiple services, Videocall can listen to your challenges and help you build a specific strategy to drive your business forward and make your video conferencing service become a ubiquitous tool within the company.

If you are reading this and thinking that it sounds good, but you have to streamline based on budgets then don’t worry, we cover streamlining within the eBook. Microsoft recently announced that IT budget’s as a whole were only increasing by 0.6%, and as such we know that there are a lot of service owners out there facing insurmountable problems. Videocall can help.

Read the eBook to find out more, or visit our booking page to get a guided tour of Polycom’s London EEC.