What is Cisco Spark?

A simple, secure space where you can get things done from anywhere in the world. Connecting your endpoints to the cloud.

This is how Cisco are pitching Spark, their latest unified collaboration development.

It is made up of several different components that all come together to make an end-to-end unified collaboration solution. These being:

Messaging – Team Workspaces for conversations, sharing and staying connected. Accessible and searchable from any device.

Calling – Cisco Spark cloud-based phone systems with new video phones.

People – Your Exchange calendar and Active Directory – accessible in Cisco Spark even from mobile devices.

Files – Your files and drawings, all there in the space where you message and meet. Secure, searchable, and in context

Meetings – Instant video calling with screen sharing. Scheduled meetings powered by WebEx. Conference rooms video-enabled with a Cisco Spark room device

Integrations – Your apps, right where you need them. Plus bots that do the legwork for you so you get more done, faster.

Whiteboard – Interactive drawing and white boarding from your phone, tablet, or Cisco Spark Board. Saved instantly to your work space


Having a single service that can cater for your entire business needs, from meeting rooms to remote or home workers simplifies the difficulties that can occur for the service owners. Spark offers exactly this.

As a Cisco Master ATP partner we are perfectly placed to help you deploy Spark across your business, and we can support you at every step of the way.

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